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'Catastrophe For Free Expression': Critics Warn EU Reforms a 'Dire Threat' to Internet as We Know It

'Catastrophe For Free Expression': Critics Warn EU Reforms a 'Dire Threat' to Internet as We Know It

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the European Union (EU) plows ahead this week with far-reaching copyright rules that critics say would "cripple freedom of expression on the internet," privacy advocates and web defenders across the globe are raising alarm and calling on EU member states to block the measures.

"Votes in the coming weeks will determine whether huge swaths of online expression will be subject to mass, arbitrary control."
—Electronic Frontier Foundation

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This not so much reforms as they are deforms.

It “property rights” laws taken to an extreme. Even an opinion is deemed property and if one expresses an opinion that might be close to anothers , it can be deemed as theft. The intent is to ensure a subject population where all a person believes or chooses to believe is by the dictate of the State,


The EU seems to be formed in the profile of a leveraged buyout operation - financialization of absolutely everything and devoid of any human based interface with any aspect of life at all. That would also seem to define a debt based cannibalism machine otherwise called “globalization”.

I periodically watch the 2012 documentary Catastroika. Stunningly prophetic that title. IMHO it should be required viewing : Privatization goes Public


The EU government acts more and more like the US government establishment - big economics over freedom and democracy every time. Just like in the US, reps from each EU country are easier to buy than having to deal with each individual country.


To understand the purpose of the EU you need only read what Robert Mundell, the creator of the euro, had to say about the intended purpose of the euro in his interview with Greg Palast.
Like NATO, the EU is in reality an American creation (CIA), and now that they have begun to build their EU army one can also can see the echoes of Hitler’s imagined third reich, which should surprise no one familiar with the real history of the CIA.


Great link Goat, thanks.

Only now got to watch the full video. Great link and thanks for it. I recommend others watch this.

I gather this is the article you’re referring to:

No, but it does reference the interview i was referring to.

Any way you can link me to the interview? I’d be interested, but I searched and didn’t find it.

I want to recommend a book and article to read; the first Orders to Kill by Claude Pepper is an amazing chronological account of who actually murdered MLK and who ordered it. Pepper moved to England to protect himself. Please take a look and Global Research News has republished an article from 12-18-18 about AG appointee Barr and his CIA criminal history. It is astounding and outlines how Iran-Contra mechanisms were never halted but refined to conduct more, secret criminal acts by our state within our state. Please read it. It is on GRN’s site now and it is unreal. It explains so much. I am real stupid about linking things but I know truth and this book and this article are marinated in truth. Reading it increases your heart rate. Have a great weekend.
MLK was betrayed by agents-provacateur within his own ranks. Many believe Jesse Jackson or Ralph Abernathy were FBI paid informants or both. Martin, Bobby and John all promised to stop the Viet Nam War and they were all assassinated. Martin was reserved to stay at the white-owned Rivermont at Memphis but was moved at the last minute to the negro-owned Lorraine. Martin was reserved to stay safely in a first floor inner room but again was moved at the last minute to a second floor room with balcony. Please read these. James was a stooge. We are betrayed. peace.

The goal is to silence the critics.

Barr can’t be attorney general. Barr is a criminal CIA asset, undercover operative. Barr was formerly AG for Poppy Bush, recruited from high school by Langley. Evil incarnate.

Thank YOU theoldgoat: I wonder how long it will take for electricity, and of course the internet, to disappear from the People here too. And then water and Nestle is a major concern too Sometimes it seems that the only thing that might get the planet to work for the common good, would be an invasion of real space aliens.