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'Catastrophic,' 'Beyond Shameful,' and 'Xenophobia-Fueled' Trump Admin. Panned Over Proposal to Slash Refugee Cap to Zero

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/19/catastrophic-beyond-shameful-and-xenophobia-fueled-trump-admin-panned-over-proposal

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Catastrophic and egregiously, shameful but being in Trump’s Fourth Reich, not surprising.


Little evil stevie, what an embarrassment to mankind. By the way his uncle lied, he was raised that way. Check out a short video of a speech he gave in high school (a google search will bring it up), demeaning the school custodian.


Remember the ICE Raids that never happened last week?

This is President Caligula playing the News cycle like a cheap fiddle. He’s keeping himself in front
ain’t he.

But his brown Shirt minions sure love it


And he’s keeping Jeffrey Epstein off the front page.

As best he can.

While he can…


At this point we have to see the need to rid our global community of this monster.Too many reasons to list and you all know them. The Democrats have one candidate that can take this worst president on–the worst ever–is Warren. We know the McConnell Senate is no way going to allow impeachment–hell, they would not even condemn Trump’s overt racism!

Actual information you won’t hear on MSM:


I wish we could turn this around with an exodus to a micro grid circular economy mass movement to an African coast and green a desert with @otecresorts, ocean power interfaced with algae bio fuel and permaculture food foresting. We could design out of the entropic default Nazi petrol dollar that has been the driver in all of the GOP insolvent bankrupt ventures. We need to expand the American social experiment to a global green new deal. Why isn’t the UN or the EU installing these opportunities to crush this new Nazi threat to the world?

Trump’s position, from now on we will be creating our own refugees. He doesn’t care what color if there is a buck in it.

Not only playing the news media but also he is essentially psychologically torturing the populace. This has been a major theme of his administration, though again it is not helped by the constant fear mongering the news media does too. Trump and mainstream news are a match made in hell.


Because the UN has become powerless and the EU is complicit in the US’s fascist actions.


From the following article:
‘Trump’s rule abrogates a law enacted by Congress, the 1980 Refugee Act, which allows the US to send asylum seekers back to a “safe third country” ONLY if there is a bilateral or multilateral agreement providing for such a transfer. Such an agreement exists between the US and Canada…Thus far, however, the Mexican government has refused to enter into a “safe third country” agreement with the US, despite the Trump administration’s claims in June that it had such a deal.’

Again, the US fascists are lying and put themselves above the Law.


What MCH posted.

I really like this video and agree with much of it. One point she makes is our relationship with Mexico as safe or unsafe. If you look at the U.S. state department. They have travel advisories for Americans going to Mexico and government employees there, there is significant advisories as dangerous or exercise caution.

Seems like Stephen Miller would fit comfortably in an SS uniform.

Except for Norwegians.

That was my point before on another article.
Doesn’t his “look” just flash into a nazi uniform

One can see it especially clear when he gives his spooky pose.

Even his family has disowned him…scary

YEa! I’m stocking up on popcorn for this one. Can’t wait to get the full list of Jeff’s “special” friends.

If Epstein ever gets out on bail he’d better stay out of small Planes. And in the meantime he needs a food taster

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I think the plan is to slash legal refugee claims to 0 so they can deal with the thousands of asylum seekers streaming over the southern border. So someone from say, Syria, who is actually in danger will have to wait in line behind the illegal entry ones. That’s actually ICE policy:

"Longer processing times may be required if you:

Are currently in valid immigration status,"

So if someone who somehow got to te US legally and has a valid visa will be put at the end of the queue.

Yep. He’s a Terrorist too