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'Catastrophic Failure to Tackle Inequality' Left World Unprepared for Pandemic: Global Index

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/catastrophic-failure-tackle-inequality-left-world-unprepared-pandemic-global-index


“No country on earth was trying hard enough to reduce inequality”

I wonder why.

Equality is catastrophic to the ruling class and their technocrat servants in Washington, not inequality.

Let’s be candid. The rampant, accelerating inequality in today’s world was planned, and is being enforced, by the world’s leading neoliberal governments. Inequality is what they want. Humanity beaten down… humanity dispossessed… Earth pillaged… human cultures reduced to brutality and meanness… nature destroyed, so as to never again enable humanity to flourish… these are their goals.

They have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations… for the time being. But humanity will flower again, and the GOP-DNC junta will be kicked into the dustbin of history.


Its corporations or us, you decide.

Especially the US and other far right countries.

But i still have to ask why. What purpose does it serve?

Thomas Piketty discusses and analyzes this most germane issue of inequality in his massive but incredibly insightful work called Capital and Ideology which I am currently wading through.

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A gem and can be read much as one might an encyclopedia. A text where chapter headings, contents and bibliography are raised to a high art, interactive and cross referenced.
Skipping straight to Part Two:
Slave Societies: Extreme Inequality

Sounds like a good section to browse anchoring understanding in the late 19th century

“(…) the various forms of financial compensation offered to slave owners (but not to slaves)tell us a great deal about the quasi-sacralization of private property in the 19th century, out of which came the modern we know today (…)”

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This topic is also discussed in great clarity by British writers Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett in their book The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger and would make a good companion piece to Piketty’s book.

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With equality in wages and universal healthcare coverage all employees would only have to switch jobs because they just want different work.
That would solve some problems and create others.