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Catching Clinton, Sanders Surges

Catching Clinton, Sanders Surges

Jon Queally, staff writer

Several new polls from the early battleground state of New Hampshire indicate that the progressive message of Sen. Bernie Sanders—who has been busy talking about the troubling supremacy of Wall Street banks, vast economic inequality, the crisis of money in politics, and the imperative to address the climate crisis—is resonating with prospective voters in the early battleground state as he rapidly closes the gap with Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


“The less Hillary Clinton says on issues progressives care about,” said Green, “and the more Bernie keeps being Bernie, the more momentum we’ll see him pick up.”

Right on! Example No. 1. “President Obama needs to listen to Nancy Pelosi” on the TPP.

Bernie’s against it.

Go, Bernie! Go!


Real dialogue! I’m down with that!


I think the media,Blue Dog Dems and the idiot GOPers have underestimated the appeal of Bernie. Call him socialist or whatever he has a following and it is getting bigger everyday from those who are tired of corporate sponsored politicians and status Que rhetorical speeches…


Go Bernie. I’ve been reading really cruel hatchet jobs on Bernie of late by some on the left, I mean ogre like characterizations. The notion that the cause of democratic socialism is better served by not having Bernie run, I find incredulous. His voice, if just for a brief moment in time, will be heard, and that is good. Some of these critics know he is running in the Democratic Party because it is the only way to get media coverage yet that isn’t good enough. For me, it’s Bernie, or going out for a pleasant stroll on election day.


Little early in the game for your predictions which are nothing but troll facts…Lot of democrats dont like Hillary me being one of them…Unless she starts touting the same things Bernie does which from her side would be nothing but lies…I hope all democrats turn on her and go full Monti Bernie…Looking at the GOP clown bus I dont see much hope for them…and if one of them does get elected our country will definitely enter the new dark age of UN-enlightenment.


I went to his website and did not see a commitment to not take monetary contributions from big business. So it appears that with Bernie Sanders I’m getting all the nice sounding blah blah blah (not uncommon in Democrats) but if I follow the money it looks like I’ll have to vote Green or Socialist again. Corporate parties are, after all, corporate parties (what was I thinking?).


While this article is a positive sign, you won’t find this article gracing any of the the pages of our mainstream newspapers. Most Americans have still never heard of Bernie Sanders, much less know his political platform. It is “step one” of the corporate response to populists… ignore the populist as much as possible. If no one has heard of him/her, no one will vote for them. Step two… marginalize their significance if they become well known. Always make it look like no “serious voter” would ever vote for such a long shot. Step three… demonize the candidate and explain why a vote for the populist will spell imminent doom for the poor and middle class. Sometimes this is reinforced with a manufactured scandal or a frivolous lawsuit or both. Step four. Remove all funding for the party that supports the populist while increasing funding for the corporate alternative.
If none of these tactics work, corporate America will resort to step six… take them out!
We still have a long way to go before the primaries, so the ‘ole boys club’ on Wall Street aren’t very worried. But watch them ratchet it up, if Bernie’s boat continues to gain steam.


Bernie Sanders is not running as a democrat to adopt the values of, especially the corporate wing of, the democratic party, but to change them.
That he is a true socialist is beyond question - sorry.


I see that the Pollyannas are swallowing the theater of the Sanders candidacy whole, right according to the DNC’s plan. What will they do, I wonder, when that MIC-loving, food-stamp-cutting pseudo socialist sells them out - as he has already promised to do?

STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?
SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?
SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I've been very clear about that.

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The DNC’s plan was to anoint their Republican-in-drag Hillary Clinton and appease their corporate owners. They didn’t count on the fact that people have instant access to facts, such as the fact that five of Clinton’s top ten donors are the same Wall Street banks that gutted America’s working class, or that she hired a former Monsanto lobbyist to run her campaign. Not only will Sanders beat Clinton in the primaries, but he’ll beat every one of the creeps the Republicans are putting forth.


Some here see Bernie as a stalking horse designed to lull progressives into staying on Team Democrat and eliminate 3rd party competition.

He may well end up serving that purpose but I don’t think that’s his intent.

But the DNC cannot afford - literally - a candidate who will cause them to lose money from big business & the 1%.

So if it looks like there’s even a remote chance of Bernie threatening Hillary the DNC will go on an all out attack against him. My guess is they’ll go for senile/crazy and flood the media with unflattering images.

Assuming they can’t find or fabricate something worse.

Then Bernie will have his ‘Et tu, Brute’ moment.


The real ? could be " what’s left of the left " concerning Bernie’s perceived political impurity. All Bernie is saying is he’ll support the Democratic candidate after the primary season. It doesn’t mean the left has to. Even George Carlin loved the singing in black churches but it didn’t change his core beliefs about religion’s shortcomings regarding human rights, etc… Let Bernie and his followers sing, here. What’s the harm? What are you so afraid of?


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I don’t have a boy. I quit using language like that 40+ years ago. And, Bush ? " UR2 FUNNY. Like I posted yesterday, " Cheap is cheap and not too Steep " . And, in your case, not too deep.

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I apologize. I confused you with MMinLamesa. My mistake.

Ok, define “Big Business”. He has said he will not accept money from Super-Pacs. That is a HUGE disadvantage for him and a huge statement. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2015/05/10/bernie-sanders-pledges-not-to-accept-super-pac-support/ For him not to accept any money from “Big business”, whatever that means, is downright silly. Please expound…

I think your comment is disingenuous at best. If you like what he has to say, get out and help him win. I will be doing that in WA State. Your comment about him supporting the Dem nominee after the primaries is ludicrous. He is a Senator IN out CURRENT system and knows first hand how crazy the GOP is. You think he’s going to sound like Chris Hedges and advocate for something other than absolutely making sure the GOP is defeated? You’re smokin’ something good … He may do that AFTER he retires, but for now, he is advocating for “socialistic” policies within the system. You don’t think he should do that?

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Remember Dennis Kucinich–He said all the right things and then (in exchange for the privilege of giving a convention speech that was received with tepid to indifferent audience noise), he would cave in and support whichever trained jack ass–or in Hillary’s case Hinny–the party nominated.
Also, remember Ross Perot–the jug eared guy with the basic training buzz cut who surged to the point of winning th first debate with two other opponents and then disappeared from notice.
This is all going according to plan–Hillary and JEB! are making nondesript noise and causing predictable yawns from the general public. Expect a sudden campaign shake up after which designated insider stenographer-journalist shills like Mara Liason, Cokie Roberts, and George Stephanopolous, will breathlessly announce signal big changes in the wind. (Surprise!-not)
Not yet though–because it’s still the silly season with the likes of Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, The Donald, Lincoln Chaffee, Martin O’Malley, and Jim Webb announcing that their hats are also in the ring. So enjoy the meaningless kabuki political freak show and remember that this is for entertainment purposes only and not to be confused with anything resembling reality.