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Catholic Social Justice Group Calls McConnell-Run Senate's 2019 Record a 'Shocking' and 'Immoral' Failure

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/03/catholic-social-justice-group-calls-mcconnell-run-senates-2019-record-shocking-and


Yea, we can definetly vote our way out of this mess…


My guess is a two-parter: (1) the 400+ bills passed by the House wouldn’t have passed in the Senate anyway; but (2) McConman wouldn’t have wanted his colleagues (mostly R, but a few Ds as well) to have to go on record opposing them. Much better to let them die in darkness.

The logical inference is that those bills would have benefitted the public, and that the Rs know it. Under the next Majority leader, assuming a change for the better, they can be reintroduced.


Thanks a bunch, great info! “Catholic” isn’t synonymous with “justice” or “progressive.” Catholic is synonymous with rigid dogma and out-dated, harmful teachings! Anti-woman, anti-animal, anti-LGBTQ, anti-democratic.


Why don’t you write that in an article that talks about that? You are completely off topic and worse you don’t even acknowledge the very decent and important point being made by this group. This isn’t about the pope or the catholic stand on abortion (like only Catholics hold that position) but it is about a conscientious stand by these people of good will about something that should be brought to the public’s attention. You don’t know the personal views of these people. They are making a point and deserve credit for what they do not about anything else. I mean you could have at least acknowledged what the article was about first before going off on an anti catholic rant. It is much easier to be critical of the Catholics (singular) as opposed to the Protestants (plural) most of whom hold the same view. You should criticize anti abortion and anti contraceptive use views but how about giving credit to views which we all share in? Ever notice how many Protestant raised progressives seem so eager to jump on the chance to trash the pope and the church? This pope is not the same pope as 1968 either. I along with many Catholics disagree with him about some things but we also recognize that he is doing great work on the environment and social justice. Give credit where credit is due.


Really? Is that right? So to you this isn’t about a social justice group but about the Catholic Church. You are not addressing the social justice views, you are ranting anti Catholic views about the Catholic Church. Um, did the ‘Catholic Church’ do this or did these people? People who really do believe in social justice and in fact have dedicated their lives to social justice.


Shocking and immoral failure vs persistent and pervasive immoral failure.

I’ve often wondered what the Grim Reaper looked like because his head is usually shown as just a skull under a black hooded cloak. If progressive policies mostly die in Mitch’s Senate I can at last begin to imagine…

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Are you familiar with Phil and Daniel Berrigan? Dorothy Day? Peter Maurin? The anarchist group The Catholic Worker? Liberation politics and such lights as Archbishop Romero? Catholic Socialists? Not everything is about abortion but they are about the Works of Mercy:

Corporal Works of Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy are these kind acts by which we help our neighbors with their material and physical needs.

feed the hungry
shelter the homeless
clothe the naked
visit the sick and imprisoned
bury the dead
give alms to the poor

Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are acts of compassion, as listed below, by which we help our neighbors with their emotional and spiritual needs.

bear wrongs patiently

They do not espouse the “Gospel of Prosperity” nor the Protestant Work ethic that treats everything and everyone as a commodity. They were and those still alive often were/are in opposition to such doctrines of “discovery”, oppose anti-semitism and bigotry of any stripe. in absolute opposition to exploitation and war and capital punishment

Such lights have been about rebuilding their faith brick by brick.


Hah. Moscow Mitch’s “kill it all now, we’ll sort it out later,” policy


That mean spirit needs to be removed.


One person has the power to allow voting that would help millions of people.
If that isn’t a dictatorship, I don’t know what is.


Several of those lights shown particularly brightly indeed with incredible heart and courage. Elizabeth McAlister is facing sentencing at 89 no less for her latest Ploughshares antiwar/antinuclear action. She a former nun and wife of Phillip Berrigan voluntarily awaited arrest and imprisonment for her beliefs. I find it so depressing that some progressives think nothing of what amounts to religious persecution while supposedly espousing and advocating freedom and rights for themselves and others. It is without question that some of the most courageous acts of self sacrifice for others have been by deeply religious people. It is they who are willing to give up their freedom and years spent with their families for the sake of truth, social justice and an end to war.

There is no point in asking the vainglorious and shallow armchair types who will express intolerance just why they think themselves progressives?


Thanks Wereflea, took the words right out of my mouth.

Mr Carson’s comments, would be the same for any Human walking.
We all have our faults, not enough Saints to go around these days.
Many are just trying to make it, Against Fierce Odds under Trump and his Grim Reaper

Robert Palmer carved it into my Heart and Every Kinda People replays there daily now
Let us Thank and Respect those who Stand and Fight the Tide

Said the fight to make ends meet
Keeps a man upon his feet
Holding down his job
Trying to show he can’t be bought

Ooh, it takes every kind of people
To make what life’s about, yeah
Every kind of people
To make the world go 'round

Someone’s looking for a lead
In his duty to a King or creed
Protecting what he feels is right
Fights against wrong with his life

There’s no profit in deceit
Honest men know that
Revenge do not taste sweet
Whether yellow, black or white
Each and every man’s the same inside

It takes every kind of people
To make what life’s about, yeah
Every kind of people
To make the world go 'round

You know that love’s the only goal
That could bring a peace to any soul
Hey, and every man’s the same
He wants the sunshine in his name

Ooh, it takes every kind of people


McConnell doesn’t care if he doesn’t get elected again. He’s way past retirement age and looks like he’s one step from “doddering.” What his agenda was–stall everything the Dems promote. Protect all GOP legislation. Screw the people. You succeeded Mitch!


The US Senate is filled with corrupt people…mostly rich and oligarchic and out of touch with the needs of the average person. The whole institution requires serious reformation after a total condemnation by the people of the United States.


Don’t forget Sister Helen Prejean.


Compared to the Cult of Rome’s two millennia hurricane of atrocities, Moscow Mitch’s “rain of terror” has been five minutes of light drizzle.

How can a non-existent being establish ANYTHING???  God is a stale figment (or, as Walt Kelly would probably put it, “a stale fig newton”) of some people’s lurid imaginations — some form of mass hysteria of which Trumpism is a similar manifestation.

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$15/hr by 2025 is a con job I wouldn’t vote for either.

$20.25 by 2025 and I’m semi interested.


FYI, “this Catholic group”, headed by Sr Simone Caldwell, was interviewed on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman last year. She butts heads with the Vatican on a daily basis and agrees with much of your criticisms. Surely you won’t be in total agreement with her, but you should be able to locate the interview on DN’s YouTube channel.