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Caught in the Corporate Feeding Frenzy


Caught in the Corporate Feeding Frenzy

Jim Hightower

The “human resources” departments of huge corporations are known for issuing helpful bulletins to employees, such as this old joke: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Beatings of workers these days take the form of slashing wages and benefits, offshoring jobs, busting unions, and generally disparaging and disrespecting the people who produce their products. It’s a heck of a way to run a business.


This is what solidarity can do for the 99%. Just imagine if a large percentage of the population refused to work or buy any unneeded consumer items for a month or more.


Happy to see Hightower take a poke at “human resources management.”

“Human resources management” - a phrase, profession, and exercise of power developed by capital to serve capital - percolates through our culture, language, consciousness, and workplaces.

The pernicious HR construct is not confined to workplaces directly owned by capital. The co-op sector, non-profit sector, and public sector are deeply infected with dehumanizing constructs of “human resources management.”

To decolonize our consciousness, stake out liberated sectors of the economy, and organize a political revolution that disempowers capital and institutes humanistic and ecological democracy…

… we must wrestle with all the dehumanizing constructs woven into society, the economy, and our consciousness, by the operation of capital.

When insulted by some dehumanizing “HR” edict, it’s important to assert that you remain human, and want work to respect everyone’s humanity. Rather than say “This is the real world and i must submit,” affirm to yourself: “i am moving toward a life in which i do not have to submit to my own disrespect and dehumanization.”

And there are some indignities, some dehumanizing edicts, that you simply will not accept.

Props to the steelworkers in Gregory TX who are fighting for their own humanity, and all of ours.


The power of accumulated wealth on display (as well as lax international controls) - vulture capitalism. Lower taxation or evaded/offshored taxation of the ultra wealthy, Wall Street, TBTF banks, other financial parasites, and corporations via legislation provided by corrupt bought-and-paid-for politicians of both parties allows/funds buying-up more and more thus gaining even more wealth to do it all over again.

Society is robbed to fund the robberies! Average people, the 99%, pay for their own robbery with Congress the instrument of the thieves!


One great advantage Capital has over Labor , is that it much easier to concentrate Capital than it is labor as Capital has no needs of its own. The power of labor is diluted simply because labor is made of of many individuals. Unions are an attempt to address this imbalance but it alwasy easier for a Capitalist to shift his Capital to another location than it is for a Union to find another source of Capital to provide jobs.

Capitalism by its nature will always favor the investor class which is always that same 1 percent.

It was designed that way.


It is not just something to imagine, it has become a necessity for the continuation of society, freedom, and the health of the planet.
Starve The Beast!