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Causing 'Profound' Trauma, Trump Administration Detained Recording-Breaking 70,000 Children in 2019

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/12/causing-profound-trauma-trump-administration-detained-recording-breaking-70000

Child abuse is against the law; Trump is a criminal child abuser and this charge should be added to articles of impeachment. As well as waging aggressive war-Yemen- which is an international war crime. Of course historically, the latter has bi-partisan support-so fat chance.
This separation policy is truly the work of a warped, depraved mind- complete sociopath.


It says a lot about our nation that we first didn’t rise up when we first heard that children were in cages on the border. It says even more that we didn’t when the child sex slavery ring of Jeffrey Epstein came to light,

We are a sick nation, with a rotten core. We will collapse inward soon.


I am at a loss for words and all I can say is: ** SHAME ON YOU AMERIKA! SHAME ON YOU AMERIKA! SHAME ON YOU AMERIKA!


Or when we first heard:

  • The CIA was conducting an extraordinary rendition program to abduct and torture prisoners against all international law (RIP, international moral standing)
  • The GOP was perpetuating a coup in the judicial branch of our government (RIP, justice).
  • A bipartisan, neoliberal Congress was repealing banking laws to benefit the wealthy elites, unleashing upon this country what neoliberalism brought to so many others (RIP, middle class.)
  • Media consolidation was killing the Fourth Estate (RIP, free press).
  • GHW Bush, in response to climate change, say, “The American way of life is not up for negotiation” (RIP, Earth).
  • Facebook sold data to Cambridge Analytical and refused, more recently, to prohibit false claims by politicians (RIP “democracy”).

That’s off the top of my head in no particular order. Everyone feel free to contribute your favorite examples of why we should have risen up over and over again by now.


As an American, I am not just horrified, but frankly - WE all have blood on our hands! Why are these families being separated in the first place? How many of these children have been adopted as they were initially placed not with the Office of Refugees, but the Offices of Adoption & Foster care? I want every American of good conscience to think what would they do IF these were their children or IF these were children in their families?!?!?

The immorality, indecency, inhumanity of this has me screaming!!! Yet ALL of this is being done in “our name”!! This is a national tragedy on US all!


Morally, ethically and spiritually bankrupt. Devoid of any decency.


Well said…my friend.


Only tears can express what I feel after reading this.
They have replaced my anger, for now.


Mr Trump is keeping the children for his Pedophile System .


These people should be tried and punished for crimes against humanity.


"…Trump is a criminal child abuser…’ Let’s leave Ivanka out of this.

This horrible mind numbing reality is yet more continuity of two party policy.
Yes, Trump is a monster. But then what does the facts make Obama?


It’s possible to be pro-life and anti-kid at the same time, but if that’s you, I hope that you stay away from my house.


The father had no idea where his daughter was for three panicked weeks. It was another month before a caregiver put her on the phone but the girl, who turned four in government custody, refused to speak, screaming in anger.

“She said that I had left her alone and she was crying,” said her father during an interview with the AP and Frontline at their home in Honduras. “‘I don’t love you Daddy, you left me alone,’” she told him.


Of all the things his administration has done, this is the most heinous disregard for the lives of children and their families. He should be detained in conditions comparable to those he detained and separated from his children. Barron would be infinitely better off. The others are pathetic bags of manure pretending to be humans.


Reality Bites.

We can collectively gnash our teeth, complain, get angry, sad or disillusioned, but unless we actually do something to end this, how are we any different from the germans in the 30-40’s?


Yes, there is no way to calculate the mental damage we’ve done to these children, nor how much therapy will be needed to overcome the trauma they’ve suffered.

Something tells me the “therapy” of choice for many of them will include the killing of americans, on the off chance the planet is still habitable when they are old enough to seek revenge that is.