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Causing 'Profound' Trauma, Trump Administration Detained Recording-Breaking 70,000 Children in 2019

Well, gotta keep that steady stream of “terrorists” to fight. Perhaps this is the empires long range plan.


The deep emotional scars these children well have as a result of these separations, fills me with sadness. The deep depression, and anxiety, amongst other disorders that they will surely suffer for their lifetimes is a crime against humanity. The availability of psychotherapy will no doubt be limited, and even non-existent. These are not wealthy families who could afford a lifetime of psychotherapy. They should not have needed to have psychotherapy.
Meanwhile, Trump tweets and talks about himself endlessly, and takes financial bribes at every opportunity. All in a bid to get himself reelected. He is deeply unconcerned about the pain he causes others. Unconcerned about breaking laws. He is the very definition of a Narcissistic Psychopath.


Republican politicians have been causing profound trauma for decades. It’s all they know how to do.


I just hope that at some point some good person says to him Joseph Welch’s famous words to Joe McCarthy: “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

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This photos is famous along with the one of the dead child on a Mediterranean beach drowned from a group fleeing their own country to create a better life. Nothing changed regarding immigration in Europe from that photo (or hundreds of others), or here in the US. In fact, the attitudes became worse for refugees and migrants globally. The West and all its allies created this global mess but refuses to own it.

Keep reminding all who visit this site that athe the opposition to Trump’s as President must be made clear every day in every way possible and we need stronger opposition be publicized every day to increase public opposition because we need growth and stronger successful action stop the continuing harm which Trump is supporting.


YES!! ADD this …child abuse to his charges. .

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American citizens sent to prison aren’t allowed to take their children with them. They’re left with relatives or placed in the custody of Child Protective Services. Seems socialists who defy the notion of sovereignty believe illegal alien children deserve better care than those whose parents funded available social services.

Seems that folks with your view sees brown children as “less-than” compared to white children. These children had NO chance or choice in the matter. How easily you gloss over the fact that these kids were kept IN CAGES under HORRIFIC conditions, without even TRACKING RECORDS kept of their whereabouts, spearated from their parents hundreds if not THOUSANDS of miles apart. American children whose parents go to prison AT LEAST are in a country where they speak the language, are not kept in cages without adequate food or any hygiene supplies as STANDARD OPERATIONS PROCEDURE, with kids as young as 6 or 7 years old trying to care for them, because NO ONE ELSE IS THERE TO DO IT. Have you ever considered that the people trying to escape the horrors of their own countries might not have known the instant that 45’s administration criminalized asylum-seeking, & immediately instituted zero-tolerance? Usually, when your country is overrun by dictators or drug lords (all assisted by the Reagan admin in the 80s), you don’t have much time or opportunity to catch Cheetolini’s latest antics on the evening news. You’re too busy just trying to survive.

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Obama is no longer POTUS stay on task,focus.

The point is that this horrible tragedy is a yet another facet of destructive and deplorable two party system continuity. Where was the outrage when Obama did this? We have to point out to people that when Democrats do abhorrent things like this that they are just as awful and lawless and need to be called out for it! Our problems are not just the Republican Party and Trump. The entire “two party system” is a fraud being a “Bernie Fan” you should understand this very well.