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Cautious Optimism as Putin Announces Military Draw-Down in Syria


Cautious Optimism as Putin Announces Military Draw-Down in Syria

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday announced that he would be withdrawing the majority of his country's troops out of Syria beginning on Tuesday.

A Kremlin statement said that Putin confirmed the withdrawal personally over the phone with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia's military intervention began its bombing campaign on September 30, 2015, following a formal request by the Syrian government.


Cautious Optimism? About what? Either our staff write is ignorant, or she actually wants to the USA overthrow of Syria to reach its completion. We can only be optimistic here if we have a very short memory and we completely ignore the real history of what has transpired here. Does she not recall why the USA is involved here? Does she not recall the massive refugee problem created by ISIS and Al Nusra BEFORE Russia stepped in?

Since then, the USA has created two military bases in northern Syria. Further, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who have been supplying ISIS and Al Nusra with lots of shiny new USA weaponry have both announced a massive invasion of Syria. Who in their right mind would believe that the empire has shelved its plans for regime change or that Syria will be able to defend itself against the might of this unholy “coalition of the willing”. This is the beginning of the end for the Damascus regime.

I do not regard this as a cause for optimism, and I will not celebrate the completion of the Syria part of the PNAC plan, which will put a USA client regime in charge of Syria. That is, if it does not result in an Israeli annexation of Damascus.

I dont know what has prompted Vladimir Putin to back down, but I think that this time he is playing chess, and has “conceded defeat” rather than be “check-mated”.


You’re right to be paranoid, but later in the article it is suggested that Putin is doing this to force the Assad government to negotiate in good faith at the talks, without assuming Russia will bail them out no matter what.

Of course the neocons and other imperialist forces within the U.S. government will look at this as an opportunity to make mischief in Syria, but that’s the chance Putin is taking to get a deal done.

If the U.S. and Israel and Saudis and Turkey decide to have a “smash Syria” party with their terrorist friends while the Russians are away, the Russians can always come back.


Assad is the last one standing of a line of despots, to be sure, but despots, which kept law and order in a fashion in their countries, they ruled with an iron fist, but if you sang their songs, you could live there in relative security and prosperity.

In Gaddafi’s Libya students could get post secondary education tuition free and young couples received a gift of $50,000 when they got married. Was it envy or fear of being compared to that, which motivated our overthrow of this “despot”?

What we left behind in our “attempt to change governments” behind is nothing but chaos and destruction.

I make here a fearless prediction: Should there be a peace accord in which Syria will be split in two with Assad governing 1/2 and ‘who knows who’ the other half, probably one of our “democratic” implants, there will be a mass migration toward the part ruled by Assam.

On another note: Russia is the only foreign power in Syria legitimately, by invitation of the Syrian Government.


Excellent article, except for the last line, which reveals a prejudice on the part of the author. This is because the author, either wittingly or unwittingly, does not understand what has been taking place in Syria: Putin actually attacked the true terrorists–ISIS and the so-called “Syrian opposition”–who are mercenaries for the banking cartel and its chief proxies in the war, the U.S., NATO (including Turkey), and Saudi Arabia. ISIS and the Syrian opposition has been occupying certain oil fields and diverting the production to Turkey, where it was being sold on the black market. Kerry says that if the talks don’t work, he will push for the partitioning of Syria. This would be similar to what GHW Bush did in the first Gulf War, when the hostilities were ended after the cartel acquired certain Iraqi oilfields that it annexed to Kuwait.


Good Faith? Yes the article did say that, but would you want to negotiate in good faith if this was done to your country? No seriously, wear the other hat and ask yourself what the invaders are entitled to, other than “foreigners get out and stop training and arming terrorists”, Despite the constant demonisation of Assad in the corporate media in order to justify the overthrow, Assad remains very popular and got some 90% of the vote at the last election.

Ultimately he can be forced to make any concession the empire wishes, and probably will be, but other than that, what concessions do you imagine Assad should make?

They have each said as much, and done as much.


Good point. I worried about that one too, but … Anyway, we seem to have been spared that.


Excellent response, thanks so much and very interesting link as well…


The US outwitted again and left looking like the Mr. Bean of middle eastern politics. In the so called ‘global chessboard’ watching Russia and the US is like watching Boris Spassky play Bart Simpson.


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