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Caving to CIA, Which Literally Assassinates People, Harvard Rescinds Manning Fellowship


Caving to CIA, Which Literally Assassinates People, Harvard Rescinds Manning Fellowship

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a move called "moral cowardice" and in the wake of objections from the current and a former head of the CIA—an agency that has assassinated people, helped overthrow democratic governments, and sowed chaos throughout the world as the U.S. government's clandestine enforcer—Harvard University overnight rescinded a fellowship invitation to Chelsea Manning, an Army whistleblower who exposed U.S.


Harvard for shame! “Moral cowardice” indeed! - home of gutless sellout leadership to corrupt repressive power, just what our republic needs! A Harvard fellowship for Lewandowski is OK?, that good little brown-shirt goose-stepper?

Chelsea Manning should be lauded, not demonized for exposing war crimes - but look where the denunciation is coming from, the CIA, home of fascist coups, drug running, war crimes, torture, and countless assassinations. Just who/what should be considered the “traitor” and who the American Hero?

Pompeo threatens Harvard and says “jump”, and the Harvard “leadership” Elmendorf asks “how high sir?” and dances to the fascist tune…pathetic, but about what we should expect in the time of the trump regime and the Dem (Obama) purveyors who also empower the “security” police-state.


This is not moral cowardice at all. The fact that Harvard has CIA mass murderers, war criminals and assassins on its staff makes clear what its social role in the National Security State is. It is simply carrying out its institutional function in the political economy of capitalism. One central feature of that political economy is global imperial dominance. The CIA is a central part of that feature. We need to be clear about the nature of the Beast.


You are right about that–this is typical and predictable behavior from the Ivy League. The CIA has been recruiting at those schools for half a century, and many of its best criminal minds come from there.

With Yoo teaching law at Stanford, both East and West coast “prestigious” universities are as immoral as can be.


I agree. The invitation to Manning was simply cover for Harvard’s institutional role as bulwark of the national security state. The pretense at open discussion of all points of view was never more a mere show.


Yes, the odious John Yoo, who said/wrote it was fine and legal to torture a child by crushing his testicles to get the father to talk - that despicable John Yoo. Thanks for reminding us just who now is teaching law (at Berkeley) in the US!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1GT-BZvhrw - Yoo the weasel parses the definition of what “implement” means…


In today’s world, the hypocrisy that exists in our private and government institutions knows no boundaries; one day they are committing terrorism and the next condemning those that expose state terrorism and the lies that they use to cover it up.
Shame, shame on you Harvard for buckling under to those that rein in the halls of hypocrisy, called the CIA.


Any questions as to who is running and controlling the country?
M•I•C•K•E•Y - M•O•U•S•E
Military Industrial Complexes Killing Everyone Y’All - Maniacal Organizations Using Secret Executions


But…But…I thought universities were bastions of liberal, leftist, Marxist, Communist ideology! What I think is more egregious is the fact they invited the CIA director and had a former CIA agency chief as a Senior Fellow. It is ironic that the right wing penned the snowflake meme, and yet they are the biggest snowflakes (ie: cry babies…see crying nazi) of all. Baby.Sad.Losers. #OutlawtheCIA


In a related news story (IMO) we see how the West views defined gender roles - very interesting and enlightening…IMO.

Who becomes a “warrior” and how the determination to fight for what one believe’s-in - what one considers “right” - is put into action and perceived.

“While the popular story has been about a female warrior, the real story that underlies this study are the assumptions the researchers just blew out of the water. Hedenstierna-Jonson et al. do not equivocate in their statements that, for over a century, this individual was mis-identified as male because archaeologists, acculturated in a western society with strictly defined gender roles, view men alone as warriors, or soldiers, or wielders of violence. A warrior, like warfare itself, is a cultural construct, practices and professions created by human societies to fulfill specific desires. To assume uncritically that men alone are warriors leads to a cascade of other assumptions about human behaviors that renders our attempt to understand those behaviors somewhat moot.”


Cia kills people when they don’t do as they are told. That’s what totalitarian spies do.


The CIA spreads lies murder and mayhem across the planet. Manning told the truth.
Most people prefer lies …

… and Manning was tortured for many months under Barack Bush Obama.


…most people in power prefer lies.


The upper crust Ivy League always turns their collective nose up at the rest of us lower class folks, this time they turned their nose right up the CIA’s asshole.


Harvard was once an institution of “higher” education.

They have just shown the world that their support for one of the “lowest” forms of government agencies which deals in lies, disinformation, murder and mayhem, is more important than an individual that spoke truth to power.


Dean Elmendorf, you are a chickenshit disgrace! Pompeo and Morrell, neither of you have even a fraction of the courage and integrity possessed by Chelsea Manning! Karma awaits those who have the audacity to appoint themselves as judge and tormentor.


Further proof, if any were needed, that we have many people at the highest levels of politics and society who are, by their words and actions, de facto Nazis.


Wow! Great Acronym!


So the CIA assinates people. And the CIA is funded by the fed. Now you all are begging and have decided your entitled to have the corrupt government control and fund your health care and education. The same government that stages false flag after false flag, poisons our food and water and your minds!!
Wake the fuck up’!!
Begging for chains.
Eat some fucking fruit you fat worthless fucks!!


It is the CIA which should be “disinvited” … not only from Harvard but from existence.