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Caving to Coal Interests, Supreme Court Blocks Key Climate Action


Caving to Coal Interests, Supreme Court Blocks Key Climate Action

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a startling ruling Tuesday night, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Barack Obama's sweeping plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions, pending resolution of a last-gasp lawsuit filed against the initiative by the coal industry.

Voting 5-4, the justices ordered the Obama administration not to implement the Clean Power Plan (CPP) until it has been reviewed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, with arguments set for June 2.


The legacy of Reagan, H.W Bush, and W. Bush strikes again. Too many lost presidential elections (Mondale saying he would raise taxes during his acceptance speech, Dukakis getting blamed for Willie Horton, Gore sighing while W debated, Kerry getting swift boated) and the price is steep. Since climate change can be irreversible and the effects can last for tens of thousands of years poor decisions like this one can be amplified for eons.


The Supreme Corp.



The same right-wing Justices, Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas and "swing vote" Kennedy, that brought us the Citizens United tidal-wave of big-money cloaked as "free-speech" are the same voting to suspend EPA rules on coal pollution contributing to Global Warming. All these 5 Justices the toxic legacy of Reagan and the Bush's. Other decisions like the TPP possibly will be decided by their political beliefs, not the law or precedent, IMO.

Their votes are as intended by those nominating and confirming them, to support and further the domination of capitalism, corporate domination (like the TPP, TTIP, et al), derail environmental protection legislation, and more to maintain the domination of big-money and privilege!


SCOTUS has a long history of deciding in favor of business interests over human interests, pretty much from Day One. They created corporate persons after all. That said, the next president will likely appoint two justices. Bernie could be a game-changer in many ways, long into the future--a future where King Coal dies.


Count one more victory for the fossils.


The Supemes did what their Masters wanted in 2000 and they've continued to do so ever since.
* What did anyone expect?
* Hitler said, (Paraphrase) "When you control the courts, you control it all, for everything you do is legal and everything your opposition does is illegal."
* The Fourth Reich has learned well, hasn't it.


During the Dubya Regime we endured endless criticism and targeting of "activist judges" in courts all over the US, mostly BS. The targeted judges were invariably more populist leaning than corporate leaning.

SCOTUS overruling this regulation is an extreme example of real activist judges.


Helluva retirement plan the SCOTUS has, we pay their health insurance, wages, and retirement plan. And the winners of Citizens United rulings give them an ongoing Golden Parachute. I hope we have a storm more powerful than Sandy that concentrates its power on Washington DC, maybe it will wash all those bastards away.


Yuppers... if the corporate model were not based on externalized costs, like not having to be held accountable for the destructive practices inherent in the model, we wouldn't even need an EPA. They would simple have and exercise a social conscience and build such a 'public service' industry like energy with long-range attention to the wastes, toxins, and short-cuts to maintain a 'bottom line', in and of itself an interesting turn of phrase for location of a priority and the location of the base consequences.

One day we will look back on the industrial age and see it for the inversion and exclusion of societal values it has been. The breadth of genius, of people who harness technology for public good have for centuries been subjected to the robber baron (royalty, hint, hint) model. It requires the twisting the capacity of human beings into a predatory practice, scale and intensity that is ultimately cannibalistic. Except of course for those militated to the model: exceptionalism? There you have it.


Short sighted doesn't quite cover it.

Yet more resistance to the overwhelming need for leadership that can stand down from inertia in the face of the need to act and back away from a lack of responsibility for those that are powerless while deferring to special interests.


Excellent commentary. Going from the theoretical to the practical, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Surface Mine Act are all examples of social conscience realized through legislative actions from a time of a more representative governance responding to popular demand. Now nothing of any consequence regarding environmental responsibility will even get introduced in Congress, let alone passed, and any government action in that direction is thrust upon what dedicated experts are left at EPA or to the whims of the sitting POTUS.

It was the denuding of my home in a three-county area by strip mining that awakened my political conscience as a teenager. I was ready and beginning preparations to commit some eco-terrorism. I wasn't fully aware of the political developments preparing the Surface Mine Act, and was relieved when it did for preventing what surely would have been a short-lived and unsuccessful campaign. It was the passage of these three environmental common sense acts that made me believe that representative democracy can, and does on some occasions, work.

I also find it worthy to note, as I have done here several times, that these acts of environmental responsibility were accomplished at the height of the Cold War. And when I hear Clinton say no we can't or a whacked-out Cruz say no, we won't, I just have to marvel at the completeness of the corruption realized through capitalism.


The Roberts' court is a corporate shill dressed in black robes appointed by corporate marionettes that all happened to be Repugnants, who invariably cling to BIG MONEY to the detriment of ALL life. Obviously these hubristic con men do not even care about the future well-being of their own progeny let alone that of all life on our planet. May their seaside manses (tokens of corporate appreciation at their retirement) be washed away with the rising oceans and/or mega storms. They may not pay for their crimes against humanity in their lifetimes but their offspring and future generations of same certainly will.


Remember, the 0.000001% are engaged in a game.
* It is called, "He who dies with the most toys wins."
* It is not concerned with life on earth or future generations, it is only concerned with who dies with the most pelf. He or she is the winner, so their lives are oriented toward acquisition and theft proof storage. The real goal of the game is for one person to have it all.
* That does not bode well for the 99.999999% of us who live and work for the future, of our children, of the earth, its other, rapidly declining, residents and its ecology, its viability.


Supreme Court Halts Clean Power Plan, with Implications Far Beyond the U.S.

"Justice Department lawyers had tried to persuade the Supreme Court not to impose any delay, noting that no state would have to file a plan to implement the policy until this September, and any plant would find it easy to get an extension of time to file such a plan until 2018. The government lawyers also told the Court that actual implementation of the plan would not have to begin until 2022, and would have a final completion deadline of 2030".


such a predecision order suggests justices believe the rule threatens "imminent and irreparable" harm to utilities; but not billions of people from climate change.



They are not caving in: they are accomplices- partners in crime as it were.


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