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Caving to Fear, House Votes Down Warrantless Surveillance Ban


Caving to Fear, House Votes Down Warrantless Surveillance Ban

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Late Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives blocked an amendment that would have prohibited warrantless surveillance of Americans' electronic communications and banned the government from forcing technology companies to install backdoors to encrypted devices.

The amendment to the House's annual military spending bill, introduced by Reps. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), failed by a vote of 198-222. The roll call is here.


Clinton's fellow conservatives are apparently preparing for her "intelligence surge."


Requiring software/computer companies to install backdoors into people's computer systems would increase those company's costs to run their businesses, decrease productivity and competitiveness, and so would ultimately lead to a loss of JOBS! I can't believe there's a single conservative who would be in favor of this bill that puts even more gov't regulations on the free market. Who do they think they are? Liberals? pfft, hee hee.....


That's exactly why Benjamin Franklin stated "Those who would trade in their liberties for increased security deserve neither!"


The "establishment" is showing its anti-Constitutional underware. Not that it is any surprise, but the government of the United States has been lawless for quite a while. Killery will make sure the nation is protected from itself. As much as I admire Bernie his political revolution cannot be successful trying to make change within the existing political system. Example: 4 million ballots haven't even been counted in California and they are almost all Sanders voters. http://www.gregpalast.com/


Surveillance has failed in all the shooting incidents so far. Investigating after the fact is standard police procedure, does not need any "EXTENDED SURVEILLANCE CAPABILITIES" - what a piece of crock. Do any of these guys have any brains or common sense? It's all about more money/profits for the greedy!


Thanks, Nadia Prupis, for including a link to the roll call in the article.
May this become common practice here at Common Dreams.
Its usual omission in articles like this has been a sore point for some time.


Interesting how cavalier these representatives elected to REPRESENT the best interests of their constituents are when it comes to protecting their (the constituents') Constitutional right to privacy. But when these elected officials are surveiled in kind, then the S- - t will hit the fan, the carpets in the House will be shredded in their haste to reach the floor to bring any and all bills to the floor that would rescind all information gathering actions by NSA, FBI, or CIA on private citizens. Do they think they live in bubbles and that they (and their families and friends) are immune to the consequences of their ignorant and mean-spirited actions motivated by money and greed?


Just called Sean Patrick Maloney - D-NY, who sided with RepubliCons along with DNC chair Debbie W-S (surprise surprise) voting against this civil liberties amendment - We expect this weak jive from RepubliCons but will not remain silent when we are betrayed by DINO sellouts, be they Maloney, D W-S, Hillary, Kirsten Gillibrand, Andy Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, Obama, the "security-state" Prez, or any other DINO corporate war-whore!

We will never again vote any Lesser-evil candidate, regardless where they stand on the party ticket! They will stand or fall on their votes Not on "party loyalty" - those days are over!

Occupy Philly! No Justice, NO Peace!


The woman in this interview has been all over the news giving her account of what was said to have happened to her son who was apparently at the Pulse nightclub.

The interview gives the appearance of happening outdoors on a bright sunny day near the location. As per the voice over look at the reflections in her glasses. I have been interviewed by a television station out in the street. They do not set up banks of lights to do the same. There generally just a cameraman.

I am not certain she reads from a teleprompter from a script as that a hard observation to make although it seems her eyes are scanning something in front of her as she speaks but I do believe this was shot in a studio in front of a green screen as the voice over claims. More deception yet the narrative being created dovetails nicely into the Government desire to have yet more surveillance "to keep americans safe".


Does not need to be a government-sponsored crime, for the criminals in government to exploit the tragedy. They reliably exploit anything and everything, spun to serve their bottomless greed for more power.


The Shock Doctrine in action once again.

Never let any crisis go to waste, always use crisis to advance fascism any way you can and the corporations that benefit will shower you with money.


Or, when no crisis exists, create one.


The two biggest chapters in their playbook.


Yes, you have it right.

Daniel Geery


They’re still using the same chapters even though, by now, quite lot of people know what they’re up to. That says something about their intelligence as well.


It also doesn't hurt if there are other stories (i.e. California Primary discrepancies) they would prefer we aren't hearing or talking about.


But, alas, their production values are suffering and that's why the story line is lagging. They are making these movies on the cheap, now and exposing themselves...


The account of shooting surviver Angel Colon.


Watch and judge for yourself. I remain skeptical.


Less a matter of "fear" than a manifestation of favor for the police state of mind