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CBO Report Shows $15 Federal Minimum Wage Would Raise Pay for 27 Million Workers and Lift 1.3 Million Out of Poverty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/cbo-report-shows-15-federal-minimum-wage-would-raise-pay-27-million-workers-and-lift

C’mon people- Congress actually work for the common guy and gal? The “ordinary” family, instead of themselves and their corrupt cronies!?

That’s about as likely as them working to protect the global environmental catastrophe happening before our eyes - the 6th Mass Extinction, or ending the military diversion of trillions from civilian needs and priorities!

The professional political class of D’s and R’s schemes and lies and diverts attention from all the crises we face as a society, nation and world, from REAL justice for political criminals who have pulled the two-party wool over our eyes as they amass more and more obscene wealth as millions struggle just to survive - and all those who do not survive for one ugly reason or another!

If you’re not infuriated and screaming bloody murder at the end of your tether, you’re not paying attention! How TF can so many be so damn stupid or asleep to the truth of the grand political duopoly con !?

Morning reality check -.


It’s entirely disingenuous to downplay the employment impact the way this article did. So many across the internet spectrum are noting the employment impact. This article briefly cites one study and then dismisses the concern entirely. Sad.

So would you claim that if we raised the minimum wage to $30 an hour there would be no impact? Or are we going to continue to live in perpetual denial?


$30/hour? Nice straw man.


We don’t have a job in this Country for every person even if they wanted to work. $15/ hour is Moot. The Rich want it this way to eliminate us, when in fact, They are the disease.

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Gee, let me see, if I pull my hand out of the garbage disposal I will likely save my hand. Who knew?
Time to look seriously at a Guaranteed Basic Income? After all, we wouldn’t want CEO pay to suffer by payer workers a living wage.

They decided on $15 as a Minimum versus a “Living Wage” –
but that was 5 or more years ago – and the level of inflation due
to wars and tax cuts for the rich, interest on the national debt is
corrupting all wages/savings. Any $1 you had post-W Bush was
worth .50 cents when he left office.
Right now $20 as a Minimum Wage would be more like it –

We could suggest that increases in the Minimum Wage be attached to COLA’s,
but they’ve also succeeded in corrupting COLA’s as we’ve seen with Social
Security with Obama putting Alan Simpson/GOP in charge of them and reducing
them to meaningless increases yearly.

Corruption of our government by corporations/wealthy only profits Elites and steals
from everyone else.


As I’ve said before, $15 today, not 6 years from now.


COLA’s are a joke. If the basket of goods only included basic necessities like rent/housing, utilities (including water), food (including fresh veggies, fruits, meat/chicken/fish) not just industrial junk food, gas/transportation, auto insurance, healthcare premiums/medical/pharmacy expense, and?, then we would see massive inflation and raises in the minimum wage and Social Security benefits.

I have been on SS for 12 years and my SS payment has only increased by 8% over those years with no COLA increases at all in some years. My annual income is less than $13K, which barely covers my rent and utilities. It has taken me 12 years living frugally to burn through my retirement savings. Not sure what the options are at this point, but I know that a lot of elderly are in the same boat as those single mom’s that can’t make it on minimum wages.

As far as minimum wage is concerned, I’m not sure that even $20 and hour for a single mom with children would be enough for a descent way of life for her and her children. Particularly in metropolitan areas where the jobs are and rents are through the roof and rising.

I think maybe a the USA should consider a living Social Security benefit for all adults like they have in some Scandinavian countries, instead of the dehumanizing wage slavery we have today.

Tax the f*cking elite until they bleed like most workers do already.


Rebel –

Support all of your posted sentiments … but …

At one time – until Obama – COLA’s for Social Security were NOT a joke.
But Obama stopped them for two full years, then put them in hands of GOP.
What was once a $100 a month yearly increase became pennies, or dimes each month.
Add that up over the years since 2009 and you have tens of thousands in losses for any
one collecting Social Security. Many don’t even know what happened.

Had the COLA’s continued as they had been til 2009 … my check would be double what
it is now.

$15/ hr in Jan 1st 2020!!
And no raises for the Congresscritters, the Cabinet or the President for 10 YEARS, to see how they would survive with such delays!!
ALSO, let’s reimburse all the sub contract workers who STILL HAVE NO PAYCHECKS from the Govt shutdown !!
Bail out Main Street, not the rich 5%!!


Good points.

Right you are.

Is it though? I’m just doubling from $15 to $30 and you’re doubling from $7.25 to $15. Are you implying that $30 is a bad idea? If so, where did $15 come from anyway?

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I personally prefer a minimum wage that provides living wage so it should be one that is tied to the cost of living for people making that wage. If you look at the basket of goods purchased by the poor you will find that $15 per hour is approximately what the minimum wage should be to make it comparable to the purchasing power of the minimum wage 50 years ago. (i.e. the poor use a higher percentage of their spending for housing, utilities, food at home, phones/computers, and health care and those things have gone up more than the items that make up the overall inflation index).

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Why compare to the minimum wage 50 years ago? Where did that number come from too?

And what’s your plan for all those people who will either be laid off or never hired because they can’t produce at least $15 an hour in revenue?


Hi Kay –

Great post –
Fully support what you’re saying –
But while we $$$ support the government we have to notice that we have
no control actually over what they do with the money.

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They’ll go out of business or rework their business plans. And, the businesses that pay " under the table " or hire workers as " independent contractors " ( which is a legal farce, currently ) will have to pay more to attract those who can produce your mythical $15 an hour in revenue.
Besides, it’s a wage floor, not a wage ceiling.

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The minimum wage 50 years ago was set to keep a family of three above the poverty line.

Actually, if you adjust the minimum wage based on productivity rather than based on cost of living then it would be substantially higher than $15. i.e. productivity has increased even faster than inflation - but a higher percentage of the resources generated by that productivity has gone to the very wealthy.

Regarding my plan - that involve a period of national service at the minimum wage that includes benefits of housing assistance plus tuition-free skills training (like the GI Bill but for a wide variety of service and a wider variety of training).

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you have a good point in that increases can lead to job losses, and, the bigger the increase the bigger the job losses, that should be recognized. some of the losses are temporary as more purchasing power in the low income community spurs job growth, and the Federal minimum wage is now so low in real terms that it is truly mean spirited to object to a significant increase.

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