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CBO Report Shows Broad Benefits From $15 Federal Minimum Wage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/08/cbo-report-shows-broad-benefits-15-federal-minimum-wage

With inflation, by 2025, it should probably be $22/hr. not $15

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Hi Phred_ Pharkel:
Yeah, that’s what I was thinking! $15 and hour for a 40 hour week is $600, before taxes----but in so many states even $2400 a month is not enough to rent a place to live—and eat! Besides, poor people are paying even more taxes now!
People wanted $15 when the Hillary was running, and she wanted 15 in 2020....Well, suppose if I had Clinton Foundation to live off of, I wouldn’t worry about the “little people.” Oh but gosh, I guess Bill had to settle for $250,000 a year presidential retirement as the $400,000 came first with either Bush or Obama, …

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Bet Wild Bill get wrapped up in the Epstein extravaganza .

But yea, by the time they get round to implementing $15 it will be a status quo wage for 2001.

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After the free tax giveaway for the 1%, quite frankly, $15 not until 2025 is a slap in the face to the working poor, they will be no better off by then than they are now. More of the same, Socialism for the rich - Capitalism for the rest of us.

notice how ‘incrementalism’ is always for teh Middle class and poor but NEVER for the 1%?

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Inflation has made 15/hr old hat already,

Figure out a decent life minimum wage in real inflation adjusted candy bar dollars. When the minimum wage was $1/hr a candy bar cost 5¢. That’s 20 candy bars per hour. The price of a candy bar now is $1.25. Twenty candy bars at $1.25 = $25/hr minimum wage adjusted to constant candy bar dollars.

Could you and your family rent a two bedroom apartment and buy groceries on 15/hr?

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Oh yeah, and by 2025 I expect they will invent another reason why we just can’t afford $15 right now. I saw a story the other day in MSM, it was AOC pushing her “congress needs a raise” theme, I like her but not one more dime to congress until the min. is raised. She needs to understand this IMO.

That’s what incrementalism is. Kicking the can down the road to buy time to figure out how not to do it (what ever IT is)

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