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CBO: Trumpcare Would Strip Coverage From 23 Million, Make It Worse for the Rest


CBO: Trumpcare Would Strip Coverage From 23 Million, Make It Worse for the Rest

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The cruel and destructive bill known as Trumpcare would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 23 million, according to the revised Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score released Wednesday afternoon.


Yet another article to provide cover for ObamaCare. Single Payer NOW!


The ginger pig serves vulture capitalism and profits above all else like most all RepubliCons and corporate-whore DINO establishment swine - read: the Clintons and their NY lap-dogs, Maloney, Gillibrand, Schumer - ALL who serve the obscene health care con!

Universal non-profit single-payer health care IS a human right, not a mechanism for the few to get rich from the suffering of millions!

“the morphing of American medicine from a function of a humanitarian society into a revenue stream for healthcare profits, drug and medical device companies, hospitals, and insurance companies. In essence, we have transformed healthcare in the U.S. into an industry whose goal is to profitable.”

“The five largest health insurance companies – WellPoint, United Health, Aetna, Humana, and Cigna - … earned over $3.3 billion in profits between April and June 2011! Profit in the health insurance industry is the single greatest barrier to building an efficient, sustainable system of healthcare in this country.”

More than 31% of US “health care” costs enrich the insurance and other middle-men parasites - Canada’s single-payer administrative costs are just 1.3% !

Change the greed of the few and the entrenched opposition of others, and the obscenity of getting rich off the suffering of others, and subversion/corruption/crimes of campaign-contribution bribes to Rep & Dem Congress members, and universal health care is well within reach!



We are working on it up in Vermont!


Some policy wonk said the ACA was never a healthcare bill, it was always a backdoor job creation bill. I suppose President Obama and the Democratic Party assumed a Clinton victory in this scenario. Thus, cementing in the ACA, and then Clinton tweaking it here and there as necessary to keep it going. Harry Reid famously said, " the ACA will move us to Single Payer, eventually ".
Looking back to 2008-09, in the depths of the Great Recession, we saw a series of stimulus packages being passed by the Democratic Congress Supermajority, but the Public Option died on the legislative vine. And, we now see that the economy has been recovering, to a large extent. With the ACA contributing to this but damn, … oh the horrible irony! Oh, the horrible misplaced and miscalculated opportunity! Oh, the terrible incompetence. As Maxwell Smart ( aka Agent 86 ) would say, " missed it by that much ".:wink:
VP Dick Cheney once said, " deficits don’t matter ". And, now we have on the horizon some version of Trump Care in the form of the AHCA. Which will cut spending for healthcare dramatically. Mega billions, actually. Causing a ripple effect which will be disastrous for many millions of Americans. Which then, predictedably, also funds tax cuts approaching $1Trillion dollars, probably more down the road. Mostly going to the already extremely well off. Who now are already reaping the overwhelming percentage of the newly created wealth since 2008-09. And, it increases deficits!
This fiasco is now bordering on The Twilight Zone type of stuff you just have to laugh off. What a bizarro scenario, right? As my o ll’ buddy Bill Blazejowski keeps reminding me, " Is this a great country, or what! " Its greatness just boggles the mind, over and over, again.


Gee, whooda thunk…? 23 million and counting.

Party on, despicable dudes and dudettes for your time is a-comin’ and the axes will be a-fallin’.


Holy Toledo!


Republican politicians, at their best.
What else is new?


Haven’t you read? Giilibrand is a new poster child for “progressives” who find neoliberal corporate hack Liz Warren too “left.”


‘TrumpDon’tCare’ would strip coverage from 23 million Americans.

To call it ‘Trumpcare’ is oxymoronic.


“…found that 14 million more people would be uninsured under Trumpcare next year. Nineteen million more would lose coverage by 2020 and 23 million by 2026.” Our nation, the last time i checked has about 350 million people. At 23 million, that’s about 7% of the population. When i see numbers in the faahion, it is obvious to me our politicians are playing a numbers game. This unfortunately isn’t abnormal. In Game of Thrones, this idea was represented as this: Little Finger, Master of Coin was asked how long the capital could survive winter. He gave a couple different numbers and said, “Worse case, fewer peasants.” If anyone ever thought that a politician, including Warren, would give up their nutrition so a poor child could survive, has been taken as a fool. But who is the fool? The fool or the one that follows?


Warren is 7-8 years younger than Bernie. She’s also a woman and a realist/progressive. Gillibrand is also a woman/somewhat progressive realist who’s running for VP, is my guess. She also has DoD cred, which helps Warren and Dems cred, too.
Neither of them are as popular as Sanders but they’re both progressives, in a larger sense of those umbrella words. It could be a lot worse than a Warren/ Gillibrand ticket in 2020. Time and money will tell. Just guessin’.


And Washington D.C. keeps reminding Americans that the Castro Brothers are wicked people down there in Cuba with all their nationalized health care, ed., and all…


Just this morning the very first client I saw in my clinic was a woman from El Salvador. She prematurely delivered a low birth weight infant who ended up needing to be in NICU for a couple months. Immigration officials took all her ID and documents. How is she supposed to be “legal and documented” when rump’s goon squad immigration thugs take their documents and don’t return them? How is anyone like her supposed to pay for their baby’s health care? NICU for babies is life or death. Apparently the conservatives’ answer to this question is “The Final Solution.” I’d like to grab rump by the neck and body slam his slimy ass! However, I’m the better man.


The republicans must think that this bill is a great improvement and people will gladly support it since the number of people dropped from coverage will go from 24 million all the way down to 23 million.


The albatross hanging around the necks of the incompetent corrupt predatory capitalists that populate the Congress. May it sink them.


You’d have to be body slamming for awhile, there are so many millions of Americans who function just like him. Witness the INS that has gladly turned itself into the “Goon Squad.”


its such a nice article…