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CBO: TrumpCare Would Wipe Out Coverage for 24 Million People


CBO: TrumpCare Would Wipe Out Coverage for 24 Million People

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Monday released its score of the GOP's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, projecting that 14 million people would lose coverage by 2018 if the Republican bill is implemented.

And 24 million would lose coverage by 2024.

Additionally, the plan would lead to higher deductibles and other cost-sharing payments.


24 Million people will loose coverage add that to those who never got insurance in the first place--do they care? This is a 'trick' question.

Please get active in your communities too to get libraries or other venues (churches, synagogues, mosques) to host community events around single-payer.

Some resources:

Documentary: http://thehealthcaremovie.net/home/order-screening-license/

Brochure: https://www.healthcare-now.org/docs/orange%20booklet-2014-final-pages.pdf

Speakers: http://www.pnhp.org

Organization: www.healthcare-now.org


Of course this is what repub healthcare plan would do. Should we expect anything less?

Call it Trumpcare if you want, but let's not let Paul Ryan off the hook. Ryan is a serious scumbag. I call the repub plan RyanTrumpcare or TrumpRyancare.


What a low-life joker Ryan is! Always smiling while he lies and deceives millions on the true facts! These people of low/non-existent moral character/integrity are growing the tidal wave of people-power that will smash their play-house!


The CBO is required to score everything versus current law - but we should also think about how much worse this will be even when compared to the shambles we had before ObamaCare. Before Obamacare the Federal Government spent a significant amount of money providing payments to hospitals for emergency room care for the indigent. Part of Obamacare removed much of that money since more people would have insurance. Under the Ryan plan - those funds are not restored. So now we will have 24 million more people without insurance and without even the fallback to use the emergency rooms as hospitals will have no way to keep up without paying customers or federal subsidies.

How many will die because of the Ryan plan? That is the number the CBO should be scoring.


Call and crash Ryan's phone lines: Hotline toll-free at 1-888-909-RYAN (7926) or (608) 752- 4050.


Thank goodness that Trump and the republicans are unable to totally destroy our government immediately. We still have some sane people working and even in charge. They may or may not know it, but this plan is dead. Will something more or less as evil arise from the coffin?


Huge tax cuts for the wealthy instead of healthcare coverage for millions - that is what we get from RyanTrumpcare.


... and don't be fooled by data showing overall emergency room use is up slightly under Obamacare. Emergency Room use by the uninsured is way down - that's the key life-saving point.


Lyin' Ryan
Cares not
About the dyin'
Or cryin'
Cuz he's
All About
To git all
He calls

Pack your bags, you blivit as you will be out the door in 2018.

The terms "health" and "care" do not belong in the title and should be replaced with death and disdain. There is not a morsel of care or compassion contained in it.


I think that the government has to consider also why there are so many indigent people right here in the good ole US. We know about outsourcing, but what about automation etc? Last night I saw a piece on the news about truck drivers. It seems that trucking companies want self driving vehicles . HUH????? Some grinning technocrat said that the future truck drivers will have to be coders and engineers. What????? What happened to humanity? I don't know about you, but I do not want to see a truck or car drive itself. Also, over two million truckers will lose their jobs. This is a world gone mad.


I suppose if you did something beside trolling, you'd know that we have been loudly calling for single-payer for a long time. Like Trump, you shouldn't make accusations when you have no facts to back them up.

Oh, one more thing -- we're not pseudo lefties, we're the real thing.


It's always interesting to hear from the ignorant. The CBO has a history. They do a pretty darn good job. Anyway, have fun trying to interject youthful human sexuality into important discussions.


I agree about the first part - let's have a serious national discussion about why there are so many indigent people in the first place (spoiler alert - it has to do with our economic system).

I have mixed feelings about automation though. Don't we want machines to be doing the backbreaking work of society? I'm kind of glad for the many machines that make life and work easier and hope more come down the pike. I think the key is to have an economy that gives people fulfilling jobs - not to curse the loss of grudge work.


Thats not even the biggest point. Missing the forest for the trees.

It allows insurers to establish “criteria” in order to limit availability of high cost drugs and therapies. A key factor is in a scale prepared by the American Enterprise Institute, which helped Ryan prepare the plan. This scale creates a “benefit/survivability factor” which will allow certain treatments to be denied based on age and economic factors.

Using the plan, a 70 year old with stage 2 cancer with a fixed income of over $75,000 per year will be considered “more survivable” than someone at a lower income level and qualify for high cost targeted therapies now making huge inroads against cancer. The poor and even the typical middle class will simply be told, “We’re sorry, there isn’t anything we can do but make you as comfortable as possible.”

Thats probably why they expect premiums to decrease 10% over time ( and we know that won't happen)


America, meet the death panel!


Trump again proves he's a running lackey dog, with a brain hematoma, for the ruling class of grifting stooges, now in power.
Single Payer Now! Living Wage Now! Green Power Now! End Forever War Now! The world is watching us disintegrate into lunacy. Stop this now.


Do you know the section that has this language?


Well, short of single payer, neither the new plan or affordable act addresses the real problems of health care and they both basically suck. Why is an operation $10,000 in one hospital and $50,000 at another in the same general area? Why has my town lost more than half of its OB/Gyn doctors in the last 20 years while the population went up? Why are people ordering drugs from other countries that are actually manufactured in this one? The entire healthcare sector needs to be reformed...hospitals, tort reform/malpractice, drug pricing, ect. They should have something like a "Chilton's manual " like car mechanics use that tell what changing a transmission costs for healthcare. Right now there is no point of reference, they charge whatever they want.


Republicans call this "choice" and aint' it swell!?