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CBP Agents' Coin Mocking Care of Migrant Children Exemplifies Agency's Culture of 'Reflexive Dehumanization,' Critics Say

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/cbp-agents-coin-mocking-care-migrant-children-exemplifies-agencys-culture-reflexive

It’s a universal truth that cuts across all time and all cultures: before you can kill a stranger, you have to take away her humanity.


…ICE= idiots, assholes, sub human, no responsibility for any of their actions…I want them contained and in jail…They’re reprobates at best, phkn 'em…

During the Nuremberg trials, 1940s Americans were not able to comprehend how the NAZIs were able to dehumanize the Jews, Roma, and Slavs and treat them like cattle going to the slaughter. Now, maybe early 21st century Americans can comprehend just how effortless it is change the perception of 25% of a population that it takes to transform an entire society to do just that.