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CCR Mourns the Passing of Michael Ratner


CCR Mourns the Passing of Michael Ratner

NEW YORK - The Center for Constitutional Rights is sad to release the following statement on the occasion of the passing of the Center’s president emeritus Michael Ratner:



I have admired and celebrated the remarkable presence and work and voice of Michael Ratner for years--first heard him on Democracy Now! programs, where he spoke so eloquently, and at times, in these times, still, with humor. He was a great long-time fighter for justice, peace and human rights for those being denied it--most notably, in this decade, those in Guantanamo, that disgrace for us--or tortured or harmed by our own or allies' bombs and drone warfare. I will never forget meeting him, and his daughter, at the Climate March in NYC. I thanked him for his work and voice. Presente, Michael.