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CDC Expands Zika Travel Advisory in Miami


CDC Expands Zika Travel Advisory in Miami

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday expanded its unprecedented travel advisory warning pregnant women to avoid several neighborhoods in Miami, Florida.

The initial advisory, issued on August 2, was the first of its kind for a continental U.S. city.


Another article I saw stated that Miami is really the only places that the CDC has actually been looking. Apparently testing for Zika infection is time consuming, costly, and there are few kits available. That means that the only people outside Miami who have been tested are those showing typical signs who have recently been where they might have been exposed.

Since the vector mosquito is all through the Southeast and there are lots of people returning from Latin American vacations, there is no reason at all to feel safe as long as you aren't in Miami.


Ah, Fear Porn! What fun!

When the message shapers can't push the War on Terrorism or expand fear for all those aggressive Islamists... then they amplify the fear of a mosquito. This mosquito has been around for 40 years while lots of cases of brain deformities have not.

Zika is being MARKETED so that Monsanto and friends can poison more of the air, soil, and waterways when not letting genetically "modified" insects loose to wreak yet more damage.

But go ahead and sing from your hymnal. I understand the pay is quite good and these are times where jobs are tough to come by. (That rationale--"just following orders" was favored by the Nazi soldiers, too.)