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CDC Issues Unprecedented Travel Warning for US City Over Zika Spread


CDC Issues Unprecedented Travel Warning for US City Over Zika Spread

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

For the first time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a travel warning for a continental U.S. city, as Miami grapples with a burgeoning Zika outbreak.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced this week that an additional 10 people in the state have been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne virus, bringing the total to 14.


Unless the people in the zone are quarantined, there is a viable vector to spread Zika outside of the zone. In other words, Zika is here to stay. Mosquitos win, they alway have. Gov. Scott’s original missteps with the CDC may or may have not adversely affected the situation in the long haul. Nevertheless, by playing politics with such an important issue to the state and nation, Scott has further demonstrated what a rube he is. Oh well, at least it’s hurricane season…


BUT, the show must go on. So much money involved and so many laws broken in Rio to prepare for the show, couldn’t call it off now.
Bloody idiots!!


Not to mention the algae bloom now a major problem Scott won’t fix.


Problem–Reaction–“Solution,” Shock-Doctrine style.

There is NO empirical evidence that connects the Zika mosquito with microcephaly.

Zika has been around for decades and NEVER produced that sort of birth defect.

To the contrary, a subsidiary of Monsanto screwing around with the genetic means to hypothetically render mosquitoes sterile… and then dumping their latest toxic “remedy” onto the water systems outside Rio has a far greater relationship to the outbreak.

Also, of interest… that this disgusting reptilian posing as the Governor of Florida has been wanting upwards of $500 million to supposedly fight Zika.

How convenient that these cases suddenly emerge to create the panic that would justify the costs… of more spraying. And what if whatever they intend to spray is the very item responsible for the genetic defects?

Who would trust these people?

Profit is one thing: but the type of profit that seeks out crises or otherwise manufactures them (regardless of the very real life costs to people and nature) is a curse to humankind.

Also of note, how many people die in auto accidents each year? How many from medical malpractice or the toxic impacts resulting from consuming numerous pharmaceutical drugs (that create a chemical molatof cocktail, biologically speaking)? And how many from gun violence?

All of the above are treated as regular events, yet taken together, they cost many thousands of lives. But watch Rabid Governor Scott use Florida as Ground Zero to create more profit for Monsanto and friends.

Just sickening…


Brava SR!


Thank you. I am writing from San Juan, Puerto Rico where there are also spray campaigns underway or in planning stages. My daughter (and even my 10-year old grandson) get it about Monsanto… and how they intend to use the island as a guinea pig population.

Note how the citizens of Hawaii got together to try to block Monsanto from doing likewise to taint their indigenous RICH vegetation and natural plant life/fruits, etc.

Then government powers blocked The People’s will.

It’s amazing how brazen this type of inversion of Democracy has become. That’s why TPP and TIPP will be like “one stop shopping for corporations.” In one fell swoop they get to annihilate major existing laws and let loose with their predation, plunder, and poisoning of the natural world… Mother Nature’s Kingdom that belongs to ALL her children… and certainly not these obscene half-human creatures who claim HALF the world’s assets for themselves (what, 50 families?) while callously consigning so many millions, make that billions to wage slavery, deprivation, starvation, homelessness, the horrors of war, and so many other senselessly calamitous outcomes.

And too many from the C.D. choir take all that and convert it into a collective castigation as if it’s people, in general, or their characterization of human nature that is to blame.

This is the era of the false prophets only now, they are televised and seen everywhere… as the pundits of The Times.


It’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ fault!!!:mask::smiling_imp:


Good point, Agent Orange (at least in that form) has been consigned to the dustbin of history, and yet Monsanto keeps trying to make their poisons bigger and better so they can continue to get the MIC contracts!


To culminate the Philly convention and reward its corporate sponsors Obama signed the Dark Act prohibiting States from requiring any GMO labeling.

Product labeling of any type will be in jeopardy when Obama signs TTP after the November election.


Spraying for mosquitos is worse than the mosquitos. But its great for chemical companies that bribe politicians.

In Maine, millions of dragonflies, or mosquito hawks were released and proved to be an effective natural control.

Mosquitos breed in fresh water only. There are fresh water fish like guppies and even betas that thrive on mosquito larvae, but they need clean water to breed.

People can take measures to empty water from old tires and flowerpots that breed mosquitos. And Avon’s Skin So Soft repels mosquitos without dangerous chemicals.


The CDC aught to issue a travel warning for traveling in America because of gun violence.


The CDC should also issue warnings to avoid Miami when streets flood during high tide.


The article stated that the sprays did not work. But these diseases come and go. Meantime, there are plenty of things we can do to prevent their ravages. Things that don’t entail poisoning ourselves and further destroying the environmental balance, the major cause of these diseases in the first place, to enrich chemical companies and politicians.


Lantana is successfully used in Africa as a malarial mosquito control:

During the study, the plants were offered to any households that wished to give them a try; ultimately, the researchers were able to compare the effects of lantana between 231 houses with, and 90 houses without, lantana screens. By the end of the research efforts, most of the lantana screens provided >25% coverage per house and had grown 40-150 cm high, often reaching homes’ eaves–a particularly important point of mosquito entry. The use of light traps to capture mosquitoes within study households allowed the researchers to confirm that the majority of specimens present were A. gambiae s.s. Significantly fewer mosquitoes were caught in homes with lantana; across all mosquito-screened homes, total reductions reached 50%. For A. gambiae, 56% reductions were seen, and for the related mosquito species A. funestis, reductions reached 83%. Lantana also decreased the presence of other mosquito species that are considered a nuisance not because they transmit disease, but because they leave itchy bites.


and here are some more natural mosquito controls:


If you go to a chemist, chances are they will propose chemicals. We don’t have to walk around with an herb garden attached. In Tanzania they just plant lantana around their homes to successfully repel mosquitos.


I agree, fully. This is nothing but another huge lie put out by the CDC to test the waters once more on the possibility of a mandatory vaccine. Swine flu repeat.

Abrasco knows better than most. Explain this one AndrewBoston. You might consider a different scenario instead of labeling someone a mad conspiracy theorist unless it’s personal.


Carpet bombing the mosquito population with chemicals won’t eliminate it either. Your cure tends to cause worse problems like cancer and birth defects and your efficacy usually causes public health problems.

And being a condescending asshole won’t win you any debates.


Bacillus thurigensis israelensis was also mentioned and prevents larvae from maturing - without poisons - but I guess it’s not a viable solution given the mega chemical companies don’t sell BTI.


If I were a mosquito I would be worried that my ability to control human population growth is being compromised quite seriously, and is certainly proving to be very complex…