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CDC: 'There is No Longer Any Doubt that Zika Causes Microcephaly'


How about the Great Deception that there was no such thing as global warming, a subject kept mum throughout media until recently. And that Big Oil made claims–which many so-called scientists affirmed–that its product had NOTHING to do with climate change (a/k/a global warming)?

To those who view psychology as a science, it was considered unquestionably true that women exhibited neuroses due to not having penises.

Some scientists wrote papers that influenced many of their peers that Black persons had inferior intellects.

Just as it’s the LOVE of money that works as the root of all evil (rather than money, itself); Science, when used by corporatists or military madmen, becomes a great EVIL.

Since I firmly believe in reincarnation, which the all-seeing, and all-knowing Yunzer readily dismisses… I would not be at all surprised if he stood among those who condemned Galileo to death for DARING to challenge the orthodoxy of his time–in this idea that the Earth was the center of the Cosmos.


Again… hilarious.

Note how Yunzer ONLY concentrates on the pesticide component of this debate. He leaves the genetic manipulation and Monsanto out. In their place, he does his best to reduce the credibility (via character attacks) of any who pose challenges to the Group Orthodoxy.

As if Monsanto’s activities merit trust?


I would like to know how much CDC funding has been promised to the
agency by the vaccine industry for CDCs recent statement that “there is
no longer any doubt that zika causes microcephaly.”


THE LAW OF UN-INTENDED CONSEQUENCES:…Press Release: Expansion of Oxitec’s Vector Control Solution in Brazil Attacking Source of Zika Virus and Dengue Fever after Positive Program Results.
See Oxitec. com for details…OXFORD, England, and GERMANTOWN, Md., January, 19, 2016 – Intrexon Corporation (NYSE: XON), a leader in synthetic biology, today announced its subsidiary Oxitec and Piracicaba City Hall have expanded the ‘Friendly Aedes aegypti Project’ in Piracicaba, Brazil following strong results for controlling the Ae. aegypti mosquito population, the primary vector for dengue, chikungunya and Zika virus outbreaks around the world. In preparation of this growing program and to meet increasing demand for its proprietary vector control solution, Oxitec is initiating a new mosquito production facility in Piracicaba that will have capacity to protect over 300,000 people.


As a West Nile Virus survivor, and yes it can be nasty, I am all to familiar with what Culex mosquitoes can do. As for Aedes mosquitoes and the Zika virus, I’m trusting the CDC on this one. Like the Coast Guard, the CDC is one of the bright spots in the federal government and eschews politics to a very great degree.


Well, I’m not trying to ‘had’ anyone. If by the 3rd paragraph you mean the CDC is giving intentionally or unintentionally a pass to other inputs that can cause microcephaly and other malaises, that the wording should have stated the causal relationship of the Zika virus and fetal defects does not exclude other complications is a real point. That wasn’t stated in the announcement. And that’s the strongest critical point to be made about the announcement. There will undoubtedly be more on the studies. This won’t go away.

The CDC announcement was not a legal document nor was it a proclamation on how research should proceed. I understand the concerns about public relations and perceptions but the statistical relationship between mosquitoes + the Zika virus = fetal defects, at some causal level, no matter what other factors are involved, makes it a responsibility to warn the public about pregnant women avoiding mosquitoes. I agree the PR could have been handled better. But when isn’t that the case?

I don’t mean to sound preachy, but please consider that there are many forms of orthodoxy. They can be quite masked and are hard to detect in ones self when looking from the inside outward. Orthodoxy is not a virtue, in science or anywhere else. It is not objective or rational. But it is judgmental. It’s also antithetical to societal living as people can be quite different, at least in this universe they are. Which is probably a good thing. Don’t you think?


Spot on Siouxrose1. I was thinking the same about these two goons.


Wow you sound just like a government disinformation troll.


When it comes to these “Scientific Authorities” one always has to question just WHOSE auhthorities those are.

In the case Autism links to mercury in vaccines , courts in Europe have already established a link and ruled that there a link.

In the case of BGH hormone used in the dairy industry in the USA agencies in Canada and in the EU have ruled it as harmful to human health even as the like agencies in the USA rule it as safe,

In the case of PBA’s used in the canning industry health agencies in Canada have ruled a harmful link to ones health to the same as US agencies rate it as safe.

In the case of 9/11 even as the official US Government poistion rules the buildings collapsed due to fires. hundreds and now thousands of engineers claim otherwise.

The people that continue to advance the official narrative are dishonest to the extreme, hiding behind the cloak of “Science” and the Scientiifc method while at the same time dismissing the science being advanced that contradict their positions.


Well personally, i am able to look at climate science, the myriad of sources, the visible affects, the long history of climate scientists call to attention, and make an informed decision. Same with gmo industry. Not so with CDC and WHO and FDA. Its always convoluted and vague from my attempts to study health issues and i do have a degree in biology and do read studies. I agree that this statement by the CDC is unconvincing and dangerous if incorrect. Megatons of pesticide will now be dropped. Possible other sources of Zika will not be scrutinized. I appreciate your convictions yunzer but these commenters are not on a high horse.


The problem is not direct nerve cell damage, it has to do with a genetic allele appearance, of a recessive appearance of a segment of one of the human chromosome that controls the size and development of the human brain. The question is, does the Monsanto’s pesticide enhance the recessive allele appearance or does the Zika virus, or do both. That question has yet to be answered. Don’t blame the uncertainty on the science in and of itself but on the approach of the scientists and epidemiologists (and corporatists and politicians) to that question.


Yes, any science in which money is involved, is no longer dependable. That includes toxicology (read David Michaels’ Doubt is their Product), medicine (read Angell, The Truth About the Drug Companies, Greenburg, Science for Sale and Science Money and Politics, Krimsky, Science in the Private Interest, and Gotzche, Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime), nutrition (Marion Nestle, Food Politics), agriculture (Lewis’ Science for Sale is good on the sewage sludge issue, but Ag is just the pushing of large scale chemical based food production), economics (general equilibrium theory, making out that capitalism is “rational”), and I’m certain there are others I’m not thinking of. The vaccine issue is perhaps the worst of them, constituting an enormous con and an engineering of our immune systems that is leading to spectacular disaster. The CDC is absolutely the most corrupt of organizations, perhaps only rivaled by the Mineral and Mining Commission. It is very hard to know what to trust regarding anything they say, and now with this Zika issue. They jump for a vaccine immediately, a quick technical pseudo-fix and profit maker, without even a momentary consideration of systemic issues.

On every front we are faced with mendacity. It’s overwhelming.


It looks like someone is trying to silence you Siouxrose!
I wonder who that could be :slight_smile:
(As of this writing, three of your posts in this topic have been flagged and hidden.)
Keep up the good work.
I always enjoy your comments.


For the person who says that its totally “clear” that mosquitoes are NOT a divine creation…well try saying that to fish or a bird…yeah they suck, and Im pregnant so I am worried but to say they serve no purpose is wrong. Just like the majority of your response