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Cease and Desist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/03/25/cease-and-desist

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The non-essential employee that keeps showing up is PERFECT! Now, that is some piece of truth, also think the asshole in chief with duct tape is a good thing as well. The only thing missing from photo is the gallows for his next “drop in” moment.

USA! USA! We’re #1 (in number of COVD19 cases) !!! Yay! Is America great or what?!

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Report: Non-Essential Employee Keeps Showing Up At Office

Yes, but he does such an amazing job of cleaning the toilets!

Dear Alex Cannon, special counsel to Donald J. Trump for President: please cyst and decease immediately.

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One good thing has come out of this disaster is that I found I’m not so jaded as I tend to think I am. That this is a priority to anyone in a crisis, I find truly amazing. And I am continually amazed and outraged at the complete and genuinely total disregard the Rethuglicans have toward any and all humanity even in their own country. As I corrupt and cynical as I thought Nixon and his henchmen were, the current crop of not only henchmen, but the R Party in toto, have surpassed them in c complete soulless rot. Usually, I am not one to wish ill upon anyone, regardless of “stripe”, as it were, I am making an exception for them. They deserve very little else.

If only that duct tape were real and applied with Super Glue!!!

It’s too bad it came to this, but it SHOULD have been done long ago.

Just stop talking to Trump. Don’t invite him anywhere, don’t let him and his entourage in if he shows up. Insist on waiting for his police escort, or do them some “dirty trick,” like Roger Moore probably still prides himself for pulling on Liberals, on Trump’s behalf. Just have endless problems with the sound system…

Get carried to jail by the Secret Service. Yes it would come to that pretty quickly, I suppose, even if all of that protesting against nonsense (a worthy endeavor, that) were done absolutely non-violently.

BUT even so, it would still create better information, and a better Coronavirus Briefing than we’ve seen for weeks (Dr. Fouci’s singular contribution definitely excepted)…

Thank you for saying what has to be said, Dr. Fouci.

The briefings as currently constituted are, outside of Dr. Fouci’s appearances, pretty utterly useless, to anyone who cares about the truth at all, what real data and real medical reporting and crisis management is.

Trump acts like someone gaining “credit points” at every turn in his propagandizing game. In that game, it really doesn’t matter if he’s called out, because he knows he can gain those points back from his base supporters, and it will only cost him a tweet. These Propaganda Briefings are Trump’s brain-damaged propaganda orgies, and listening to him does NO good, and LOTS of damage. Fouci is the only thing you can pay attention to, lest you end up following the Orange Brick Road.

Too bad Typhoid Trump’s first name isn’t Frank, because then we could call him Festering Frank… (he said with a fine disregard of Donnie’s feelings, apologies to any Franks out there).

What gets me is that I probably would have no knowledge of this commercial had Trump not made such a big deal of it. Likely slated to air in swing states, the vast majority of Americans would not have seen the commercial at all. Then there’s the portion of swing-state voters who no longer watch TV, but stream instead, who would not have seen the commercial. Now we’ve all seen the commercial thanks to Trump’s threats making the news. What a moron!

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News each day becomes more horrifying than the day before. Stories from people who’ve had it, the turmoil at hospitals, and an administration with no care for it’s citizens.
Those of us who do care know why we stay distant and take precautions.

The work that doctors nurses and technicians are doing is the definition of ethics.
The administration has none.

Why is his nose not sealed as well?

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