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Celebrating a Congress That Looks 'Like America,' lhan Omar Shrugs Off Right-Wing Islamophobic Rant


Celebrating a Congress That Looks 'Like America,' lhan Omar Shrugs Off Right-Wing Islamophobic Rant

Julia Conley, staff writer

Incoming Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) on Friday reminded a right-wing pastor and others who would lament the new cultural diversity of the U.S. Congress that the 2018 midterm elections simply gave Americans—particularly Democratic voters and progressives—the representation they asked for in Washington: the kind that looked like America.


Those who scream the loudest about the imminent threat of “Sharia Law” would be the first to turn the US into some Handmaid’s Tale, faux-Christian theocracy—flaming hypocrites, the whole lot.


I absolutely love strong willed women.

Guess that’s why I married one.



Islamophobia, another wonderful byproduct of the false flag we call 9/11, the gift that keeps on giving.


Tea for the Tillerman—great album


How can the murders of the guilty people, of 3,000 Americans still be not brought to justice after some 18 years?


I guess you call it protectionism (if that’s a word), the nonguilty protect the guilty until death in this country. Just like Nov. 1963, it seems to be an institution among insiders. I’m thankful for the internet, without it and people being diligent (to archive documents from certain govt. websites before they were taken down), the population would know a lot less about this event, and we might not have learned the truth in our lifetimes.
Another reason they hate net neutrality so much.


I wonder how long before the real truth will come out about the Muslim patsies on 9/11 like is happening about the patsy Oswald in the assassination of JFK? They may be able to shut down net neutrality before the truth is told about 9/11, but lets hope not!


Please, Jesus, protect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Keep her away from small airplanes, open windows and convenience store sushi.