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Celebrating Cesar Chave, Farmworkers Take On Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies


Celebrating Cesar Chave, Farmworkers Take On Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As a handful of states mark Cesar Chavez Day—a holiday honoring the iconic civil rights activist and labor leader who spearheaded historic boycotts and strikes—men and women at the backbone of the food system are taking to the streets to show resistance to President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant policies.


Cesar Chavez!! Thank you! You taught me and many of us to be wary of wolves in sheep's clothing - the corporations. Eat only organic food or food grown by known farmers nearby, preferably - but quit pretending - Know! It's a good bet that the overwhelming proliferation of gmos is due to the average person's dis-information about the tasteless-odorless, pesticide-laden gmos are efin EVERYWHERE! Bio-accumulating in millions of bodies - courtesy of corporate grocery stores - I kid you not.

"But I can't afford organic!" - This simplistic retort is not an option - and I hear it from EVERYONE!!! Figure it out and live better, longer. I barely make it on SSDI and eat only organic. It takes resisting the dictates of our egos and the very toxic corporate media lies and similar obfuscating programming over the years. Decades of denial caused immense personal stress, because I knew the truth. Knowing the truth drove me crazy - all through my youth. Half my adult life, my "friends" told me that I was just extreme and so on.

Join and volunteer at your local food co-op or start one, if you must, start a food-buying venture yourself - with your neighbors. Maybe internet deliveries will get around isolation in remote places, like myself - BUT ACT! Find a Community Garden. See if you are near a CSA produce farmer. Otherwise, I recommend moving , if at all possible, or plan a future move to where these organic food choices exist. Thanks Cesar for getting the truth out! And fighting back! And standing tall! Jah.