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Celebrating Common Sense?


Celebrating Common Sense?

Karen Hansen-Kuhn

Last week, there was a bit of good news on the trade front: on July 8, tobacco giant Philip Morris lost its ridiculous case against Uruguay’s cigarette labeling laws. In 2010, the multinational company’s Swiss subsidiary—which owns its operations in Uruguay—sued the country over rules designed to discourage cigarette consumption, especially by young people.


ISDS= parasitic sclerotic poisoning


Extra-judicial tribunals composed of corporate agents are a clear and present danger to all nations. The corporate Trojan Horse TPP and TTIP scams written by and for corporate greed and pushed by corporate whore Obama in league with R'Cons and corporate entities must be defeated.

The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms attempt to rob nations and peoples via 'legal" robbery - as Woodie Guthrie wrote "Some Rob You with a Six-Gun, Some with a Fountain Pen" - the fact DINO Obama is pushing this robbery shows his true character and who he serves. Obama was and is the great "progressive" fraud, a politician that serves big-money while speaking lies to the people!

"Obama views passage of this democracy-strangling corporate boondoggle as his "legacy-making" achievement, even though the only real support he has for it are Republican congressional leaders and the global corporate establishment." -- Jim Hightower

The corporate entities must be brought-up short - existing "trade' deals revoked and ISDS banned - actual persons that direct pirate corporations should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity, along with politicians, Dem or R'Con, that serve them, to be fully paid-off at later dates - like "speaking fees"!

The power big-money corporations have to corrupt politicians are campaign-contribution bribes - "legal" payoffs to buy legislation! A crime by any other name!
Vulture capitalism, "corporate personhood", and money defined as 'free speech" all must be smashed and broken!


Hightower fails to note that in addition to GOP "Congressional leaders" there are many Democrats in Congress who are Obama rubber stamps promoting TPP and TTIP with the same zeal Obama is.


Why did you say "Hightower fails to note"...

Where is there an inference to Mr. Hightower in this article?


The American elite do not celebrate common sense they celebrate Lincoln cents.


If the TPP passes, national sovereignty will be threatened as corporations suing governments in international court over lost revenue for reasons such as regulations protecting citizen's health and the environment will become more commonplace.


Welcome to the age of the Globalist Billionaire Corporate Overlords.