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Celebrating Juneteenth With Bold New Ideas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/19/celebrating-juneteenth-bold-new-ideas

All these ideas are wonderful, and I laughed at the first one, because Thomas Paine supported the idea of giving kids a great start to life with a beginning fund way back before America was America.
I also support reparations for indigenous people and all the minorities to receive reparations! And probably all of the citizens of West Virginia too, because as a state, more of those people have suffered from poor schools, ruined and, contaminated water and air, plus too many opioids showing up—including all that coal dust everywhere from blowing up mountains!
We all need to ask—how can there be a democratic republic with such a lack of care and equality for so many people? It is getting concerning enough that a person wonders when Trump and a majority of the Congress will decide that the American born, but those in poverty should be shuffled off the land , and by ICE too. Maybe a march into the sea—because livable land is disappearing? America is getting weirder by the day!

I just don’t see the drive for reparations ever gaining ground as long as the media and politicians can paint it as only for descendants of slavery; just don’t have the numbers to make it a wave. A coalition of the poor and lower middle class of black, brown and aboriginal Americans would be a force to be reckoned with however. There are just too many wealthy forces working to drive these groups apart to overcome the one thing they all have in common; poverty. This is class warfare and minorities are losing so they must put aside our differences to create a coalition army strong enough to battle Washington and Wall St.