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Celebrating Sandy Hook: Demons Among Us


Celebrating Sandy Hook: Demons Among Us

We always think the NRA can't go any lower or loonier. We're always wrong. To mark the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings - the one everyone thought would be the tipping point in carnage, except it wasn't - the perennially tone-deaf NRA hawked holiday gifts for the "gun-loving adventuring mom" ("Give...the gift or protection"), hysterically ranted "the Godless left" are just like terrorists, and posted an unhinged warning from Jihad Wayne there are "demons at the door." He's right: He's them.


I Can't tell who is sicker... these gun loving maniacs or climate denialists .... it's a toss up..
but when reading this... I can't help lean in the gun totin' psychopaths... for now...


the NRA Flashbang holster - "designed to be attached to the middle of the bra while the gun tucks beneath the underwire"

Sorry USA; I couldn't but help laughing myself silly. Funnier than the Keystone Cops and the Nazi goose-step. USA, the world's funniest reality show. How can ANYONE take the place seriously? I suppose that is why the USA has to drop bombs on people.


You nailed it - I think the U.S. drops bombs on whomever because they firmly believe, like the NRA, that "it's the only way to knock some sense into them".


Yes, of course, you are so right.