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Celebrating Transcendent 'Mass Movement of the Working Class,' Ilhan Omar Backs Sanders at Raucous Minnesota Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/celebrating-transcendent-mass-movement-working-class-ilhan-omar-backs-sanders


I really love seeing Bernie with Omar. She is a courageous woman. The rally looks huge. I think Bernie can win Minnesota, and Michigan.
Bernie 2020


Minnesota is a “blue” state, but they also have some odd habits, like electing a Republican governor with a Democratic legislature, and then flipping that in the next election. If I had to describe it in a few words, I’d say that Minnesota’s majority population was “center-right” Democratic with pockets of progressivism. Since 1932, a Republican has carried the state only three times: '52, '56, (Eisenhower) and '72 when George McGovern won only Massachusetts and D.C.

Minnesota is mostly white, despite years of Hmong, Vietnamese and Somali immigration, and racism is rampant, even in liberal Minneapolis/St. Paul. In the end, the Cities will vote Democratic, but even there one will find pockets of suburban racism. (Michele Bachmann was elected over and over from suburban Mpls/St. Paul.) Out-state is almost all red, with only a couple of blue areas around Duluth.

My last act as I left Minnesota about 15 years ago was to vote for Amy Klobuchar for Senate. She was a virtual unknown then, despite her father being a popular local newspaper columnist for the Star Tribune for many years. I don’t remember his columns, but I don’t think they were particularly political. She was running as a Democrat, so I voted for her and Keith Ellison and moved away.

Today, Klobuchar has become just another anti-health-care-for-all corporate Democrat and I would never vote for her for president, but I fear that most Minnesotans would, and I expect her to win the state’s first ever primary easily, if she hasn’t dropped out by then. (Minnesota has historically been a caucus state.)

If Sanders eventually wins the nomination, I would expect him to carry the state over Trump, but in 1972, George McGovern lost to Nixon by 5% because McGovern was too liberal even for Minnesota. I hope that’s not the case with Sanders.

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I’ve never been there, but considering their political history, I’m sure your assessment is on target. Lets hope there’s enough of those “center-right” voters who have, or had family members who have been hurt by our sub-par healthcare system and the insurance industry itself, to vote for Bernie. I believe many of those type of voters across the country will do the same thing because of EIM4A.

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Every endorsement makes trump squirm a little bit more. He wins or goes to jail.
Go Bernie go.

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Very much on target, freeopinions.

In 1968 our family members were mostly fans of Gene McCarthy, Minnesota Senator who stood up alone against LBJ’s horrific war in Vietnam. Gene surely had momentum, April until June that year.
The RFK assassination seemed to paralyze him, and he wasn’t the same after that, as I recall. The Democratic Convention in Chicago was a terrible production, and it’s sad to recall it.
Gene was more a poet than a politician anyway, and I admire him on both fronts.

Bernie is street smart, and a savvy politician, and he has what it takes to win in 2020.

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I imagine a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think that Nina Turner is a little bit TOO much. She comes across like a wrestler for WWE. She obviously has a fire in her belly and I do like to see enthusiasm and passion, but it comes across like she’s trying to put on a show.