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Celebrations as Bernie-Style Candidate Wins Mayoral Victory in Alabama


Celebrations as Bernie-Style Candidate Wins Mayoral Victory in Alabama

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This isn't just a victory for Birmingham, it's a victory for all of us" says Our Revolution's Nina Turner, calling on progressives to "support local races all across the country"

Randall Woodfin


Go Randall !


This is how it’s done folk’s, this is how we start to gain our country back from people like the koch-bro’s and their big money. By protecting and serving the population, all of them.


Very encouraging! These local races are the place to start. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope for the South! There is a lot of potential for change in the under-appreciated, under-utilized great human resource of Southern Blacks. Much will depend on the white people shedding their obsession with the myth of the “Lost Cause” and quit worshipping a past that never was. It is time, finally, for white Southerners to free themselves from their self-imposed bondage of the soul.


Well- great! Let’s see how he does for the people once he really starts working.


Times are changing-----and this is how it needs to happen from the bottom up–I think its important to understand how to empower communities—I believe healthcare centers can be a great way to bring communities together–and don’t think of some sterile building–think of community gardens-open space for people to breath. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Exactly! Start at the bottom and work our way up! Destroy the body and the head will die!