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Cell Phone Tracking Analysis Shows Where Florida Springbreakers and New Yorkers Fleeing Coronavirus Went to Next

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/27/cell-phone-tracking-analysis-shows-where-florida-springbreakers-and-new-yorkers


We all live in an ant farm now (or am I the last one left who remembers them?) Is that someone tapping on the glass?


Florida Spring Break: Spreading the Lowest Common Denominator everywhere. This should be shown to all media outlets to demonstrate that containment is not a strategy that can work on a region-by-region basis. All virology is local. Wash your hands, keep your space, play by the rules. For those of you like me who have gone through it and recovered, keep playing by the rules to keep from acquiring new germs and spreading them. It is the right thing to do.


No worries, your cell phone tells all. You can’t even hide behind a mask. Glad I don’t carry a smart device around with me. Somehow I get by with my own internal smarts.


Looks like the tracks of the uncaring, and irresponsible. Spreading the coronavirus across the US. Deaths will follow. This country has so many people that do not care and are irresponsible. People in my neighborhood are complaining about the multiple trips to foreign countries they have had to curtail, expensive restaurants they cannot visit on a daily basis, and not being able to shop at the most expensive clothing stores. No worries about the vulnerable, the dying, or health care workers.

As far as tracking goes that is what I figured the phone companies could do. No surprises there. In fact any wired device has that capability. They probably can track internet wired vehicles as well if they so choose.


I remember on March 2 (just before “Super Tuesday”) seeing a photo of a jam-packed San Jose rally (of 25,000) for Bernie on this site. I felt awkward, trying to politely suggest that Bernie shouldn’t be holding big rallies in infected communities like Santa Clara County, at the time. We’re still learning the full meaning of “infected community” on US soil.

That was 3 1/2 weeks ago. Seems like 3 1/2 decades.


It all happened so fast. first we were infected by a microbe now we are infected by
capitalist and their political minions. A trillion for wall street, a dime for you, another
trillion for wall street, a dime for you, a trillion for hedge funds, a dime for you ,
pretty soon the dimes are going to add up.


Another ant is responding from the Czech Republic!

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No great surprise on the tracking of cell phone data, isn’t this the same info given by whistleblower Ed Snowden years ago and who still lives in Russia to escape prosecution by the USA Empire. So if people are surprised by the tracking itself and privacy issues, all I can say is take your head out of the sand.
That said,it was a major public health mistake not to lock down places like NYC early on, which was the epicenter of the outbreak several weeks ago. And to allow Mardi Gras in New Orleans and spring break parties and St. Pats day gatherings, all will come back to haunt us, this virus is spreading rapidly and is very aggressive. The draconian method the Chinese used to limit spread of infections seems more and more reasonable as this crises develops across the US. In the old days Public Health had the power to quarantine immediately as needed to stop the spread of infectious diseases. It seems to me that was lost during the HIV crisis in the 80’s and 90’s when political and social issues trumped the need to know to stop the spread, no testing was allowed without major red tape for years then. Now again politics has trumped public health enforcement, and this sequential ramping up of containment measures come too late. The health system is being overwhelmed in many areas and catch up measures are proving difficult. Self isolation in place should be nationwide at this time and strictly enforced over the next month. The idea of stopping social distancing guidelines this next week by Trump is crazy and a major mistake. If we look at what some countries did to check the spread of Covid 19 and emulated them, we might be much better off and maybe ahead of the game instead of behind the eight ball. It is probably too late at this point in USA to be effective, such as mass screening and the early strict quarantine measures. It can’t happen here has happened. All predicted by mock drills by our disbanded pandemic team experts over the past 5 years or more, Trump is directly responsible for a tragic mistake.


Yay, Donald Trump’s going to give us $1200 to go on vacation, come back and kill Grandma!


Bernie’s plan to give unconditional $2000 to everyone monthly until crises is over seems more sensible and humanitarian, and limit the corporate bailouts. All Trump is interested in is getting re-elected by putting people immediately back to work and pumping up the economy. This will be impossible before we control this raging pandemic infection. The Fed is printing trillions of dollars to prop up the system, an unending source of money per the Fed. I hate to be around for the hyperinflation crisis that is hiding around the corner.
If we do not start major efforts to combat global warming, I guess these short term crises will be soon forgotten. We need a radical change to the way we live, immediately.


While it is telling and entirely irresponsible what the spring-breakers did and likely continue to do wherever they are, the central responsibility for the growing disaster the US is experiencing right now can accurately and rightly be laid at the door of one criminally irresponsible fool: donald trump.
The “very stable genius” who set the stage for today’s mass infections, deaths, and enormous civil disaster with his mindless criminal stupidity, his “hunches”, lies, and arrogant malignant narcissism, focused only on himself as usual and his re-election - focused on “how the numbers looked” and how he could manipulate or hide the truth and its potential for his personal re-election (and likely financial) loss without a thought for all others.
That astonishing failure of responsible leadership is now clearly criminal homicide and that truth is very obvious to most!

The missing four to six weeks (of inaction, lies, and mindless blather from trump) are likely to go down in the definitive history as a cautionary tale of the potentially devastating consequences of failed political leadership" It is much worse than that very mild accusation, it amounts to criminal incompetence and negligent homicide on a massive scale!
That there has not been a massive call to remove and silence the moron and his criminal stupidity, as well as the actions of his regime that are using the crises to enrich themselves and crony corporate interests and sectors to loot the nation and people and further their political power and that of the co-conspirator interests that have been central to the trump regime and its direction that treats all people and planet as things to be exploited and used.




Shelter in place
cover your face your
loose lips

A virus threatens
viral fear
viral hoarding
a pandemic
of poverty
economic & intellectual

a disaster of weaponized
biology scatology

Stay at home –
stock up on basics
potatoes noodles beans flour
canned fish

avoid the contagion –
on the shop floor
the crowded store

Shelter in place
until the deadly disease
of myopic greed of corporate rule
of capitalism


Clearly, we are living in “interesting times”.

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The Guardian has some of the best poignant articles:



If we look at what some countries did … and emulated them…
Great idea but first we have to lose our “Exceptional Nation” status. Another thing Covid-19 may do to/for us.


Very. Israel had a head start on this tracking thingy though:



What I appreciated about this article are the dilemmas we face in modern, technological societies. If nothing else this pandemic should teach us all we are connected to one web of Life and act accordingly.

I just called a friend who travels back and forth from New York City to let her know she might want to rethink what she is doing. Sending it out to other friends too.


Straight out of the fascist playbook my friends. These modern day fascists have no intention of making the same mistakes of that Fascist Conservatives made in the early 1930’s. That group, led by the likes of Prescott Bush, dragged their feet, figuring that they had a few more years to establish a lasting fascist regime in the USA, one that could rival that rising in Germany in the era. The fascists of that era never thought the workers would rise up and elect progressives to national office to put the temporary kibosh on their plans. The fascists of this era have no such fear of the working classes and poor. However, just in case, there is now a mad dash to destroy the foundations of federal government in the USA, and along with it any mechanisms of collectivism that could possibly organize against this march towards totalitarianism.
Why is everyone still shocked that their cell phones can by used to track us and all of our personal dealings and locations? Ed Snowden must sit there everyday and know exactly how Cassandra felt.


Science gurus like Dotard Trump and little Mikey Pence know from years of studying all kinds of species from amiba to elephants, that when a species kicks into high gear and rapidly populates, mother nature steps in with a bug or other device that reels that population back down and possibly even down to extinction.

The planet has had a human over population crisis for decades and are over 7 billion strong on the planet. At the time of the Spanish Flu in 1918 there were approx. 1.2 billion. We were over due for a pandemic for a host of reasons: time, out of control over population including the US, globablization, too much transcontinental air traffic, and etc…

Because the US and other over populated developed nations have not led the world on gradually reducing its human headcount back to sustainable levels, is it possible mother nature is doing to us what we failed to do proactively…that being to stop us from over running the planet with too many humans?

Here in the US we are now approx. 330 million people and we doubled our population just during the baby boomer generation alone. Scientist also tell us the US has a carrying capaciy (sustainable level) of approximately 190 million people. For decades the religious right in the US like Mikey Pence and ignorant like Dotard Trump have opposed any attempt to reponsibly reduce our numbers gradually back to around 200 million in the US…with Mike Pence we are being forced to live under his Catholic laws…and we are NOT a Catholic nation!

Time for the US to follow a plan to gradually reduce us back to 200 million…and to both save our species and save the planet. If we don’t do it, then we can expect more deadly bugs like the Corona Virus, Ebola, MERS, R1-N1 flu (swine flu that started on a US hog farm in the US!).

As a nation we need to stop allowing Catholics to hold so many positions of power and to force all of us to live under the laws of Catholicism… Ever here of separation of church and state? Well, we have become a shining example of why that is so critical and why the founding fathers treid to make it a strong case…but Moscow Mitch and Republicans have erased those workds and weaponized what’s left. The 5 Republican Catholic Judges on the SCOTUS do NOT represent the US population. Practicing Catholics account for around 12% of our population. Yet Catholics comprise 6 of the 9 positions on the Supreme court…67%. Time to change and fast! Not a single atheist, not a single protestant, not a single Muslim on the Supreme Court. The Federalist Society has done a masterful job with the courts and the congress and every year that a huge lift at their annual convnetion…the Presidential Prayer Breakfast.