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Censorship on Rise as Global Internet Freedom Continues Downward Spiral



The first need of a repressive state such as the old USSR is to censor any criticism of itself with the United Fascist States of America leading the way. This is in contradiction to Jeffersons idea that dissent is the highest form of patriotism (yes, the USSR was communist and we are fascist but at the totalitarian end the differences for the people disappear), “Love it or leave it” is just an invitation to corruption. In a democracy, which we used to sort of have, requires supervision by the citizens. Our failure to do so has cost us our democracy and is costing us our liberty as we slide to a fascist dictatorship and feudal economy enforced by a brutal police state which is getting worse as we watch.

i think it is way too late to avoid a Third Reich form of brutal governance. I promise you will not like it unless you are a member of the elite, then you will do very well.


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Every one of the senators who voted for this took and oath of office to secure and defend the US constitution which clearly states "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized."

I ask where are the constitutional police that will beat these motherfers and shoot them dead like they do us normal law abiding citizens? When do we recall the asshats?

Of course, the first thing to do is not give out any personal information on the net. Cancel facebook and all other personal websites where personal information is stored. Use no credit cards on the net and do not fill out or download any forms from corporations or government.

That will never happen as Americans are always waiting for that "like". It is the only affirmation they have that they really do exist any place else than their own head.


Not to far from the truth
Use of TOR is one step

Ultimately there will be pt to pt to pt private backbones with private address resolvers for those times when you want privacy

Screw the NSA bunker boys. If you suck all the spectrum. You still have to filter for data

Data will be hidden in trivial overlays and look innocuous


Welcome to the US Fourth Reich which is rapidly becoming the Third Reich on technological steroids. Hitler's wet dream coming true.


To control the populace you have to control their information, that is why all the Media in the US is owned by 5 corporations/billionaires. Those who seek to control the information flow did not count on the Net and the ways it can be manipulated to support the People. They are in a fight to control and limit it. I fear that in the end, the Net and the battle over it, will define if They control Us or if We can remain free.


Time to reference the centuries of Mathusian premises by which the western heap monster continually poisons and short circuits the entire presumption that living entities are an 'IT-self'. Funny, even the acronym for the perspective blindly vomits dehumanization of communications and oikos with .... taadaaa "IT".

Why else would human beings, BY NATURE COLLABORATIVE, even in competition, find it necessary to chemically numb and/or mime the dynamics to ease the constant pain?

Peter Joseph, covering what 'does not come naturally' to most of us - a studied tracking of the characteristics falsely taken to be immutable realities.


We have that 89-90% of the democrats who are comatose to thank for that criminal measure passing the US Senate with the super majority of votes!


Not by any definition of communism, I or Marx would recognize. The old Soviet Union didn't even claim to be communist, it was the Socialist Republic, unlike the CP of the current PRC. But what's in a name is not the defining reality. The world has never seen the development of true communism which is the result of the contradictions of capitalism after the stage of socialism. It seems those who thought this was a possibility failed to anticipate the Samson option would be taken by capitalism.


Well the internet is now officially relegated to the 'snail mail' with 'jobs' a la Jobs in China with cartoon versions of Sherlock Holmes at each pass. Who knows, nature abhors a vacuum perhaps we'll finally evolve back to resonances of telepathy using the Earth herself as the transmission line..

I think about 'fashion' as neo-lingua having supplanted official languages. Look at the 'trance dance' and other dance fashion waves over history. The waltz was a scandal when the effete minuet of the court fell under the weight of its clothing fashion competitions - nothing changes when the resonance patterns echo off the edges of a moat.
At the same time that the elemental resonance power of methane from industrialized human waste heap production, the defunct economic theories surpass bubblegum in surfactant power rivaling satanic ritual dances in their hypnotic effects. Ahhhh... isn't western cultural legacy grand?

I have come to understand that the primary aggregate legacy is that of the 'externalization' (denial) at a clinical level of narcissistic solipsism in turn rivaling consequences of the 'Sicilian Vespers' noted below. That is. it is the systemic shibboleth that no 'courtly' minion dare speak. Just for kicks heres an online etymological brief on 'shibboleth':

late 14c., the Hebrew word shibboleth, meaning "flood, stream," also "ear of corn;" in Judges xii:4-6. It was the password used by the Gileadites to distinguish their own men from fleeing Ephraimites, because Ephraimites could not pronounce the -sh- sound. Hence the figurative sense of "watchword" (first recorded 1630s), which evolved by 1862 to "outmoded slogan still adhered to." A similar test-word was cicera "chick pease," (sic) used by the Italians to identify the French (who could not pronounce it correctly) during the massacre called the Sicilian Vespers (1282).


I still use a modem, but Verizon's telephone lines and infrastructure are compromised by neglect and Verizon and other ‘privately’ owned public utilities are creating “pipelines”. They can restrict your access by how much you can pay…… Net Neutrality.

Solution.....take back what belongs to the people.


At the period just before Glasnost there was an overall effort to break through the wall of Kremlin control
of all data transmissions in Russia.

The days when Solzhenitsyn's was smuggling his Gulag Archipelago.

A white paper was written describing a source for the wedge, was to create pt to pt data sharing ability that didn't have to go through the Kremlin.

There was a trade measure that was created at that time to allow all old computer hardware to be exported to Russia , an exception was made to the sensitive data export restrictions. Modems, old Pentium 2-3 cpus, green monitors, everything, almost free, like a donation project to Goodwill.

This showed up as free equipment to the university free thinkers and thus allowed data sharing amoungst those in opposition to the Kremlin.

It really messed up their Control.

Pt to Pt Private networking with quantum encryption (you touch it you break it), hidden in areas not expected will become the norm.

NSA doesn't have a chance...it's Mother Nature and she always allows the Law of Entropy...the Chaos Factor.

Go ahead record your 1.5 Billion phone calls a day, it won't help in the long run. You'll find the people won't develop your MD6's anymore, and that they will write encryption for themselves not you.

The Truth Will Out. Shakespeare


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.