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Center for Biological Diversity Stands With Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Opposing Dakota Oil Pipeline


Center for Biological Diversity Stands With Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Opposing Dakota Oil Pipeline

Center for Biological Diversity

TUCSON, Ariz. - Kierán Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, released the following statement today in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in its fight to stop the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline and preserve its land and culture:



Don’t expect big money and prestige ANNENBERG SCHOOL OF MEDIA AND JOURNALISM at USC or the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS OF J. to be analyzing national media blackout at Standing Rock, Sioux Nation, North Dakota any more than they helped break the national story when local indie news diggers uncovered the Porter Ranch So Cal Gas LLC infrastructure failures that led to last year’s EMERGENCY in LA COUNTY during many months of massive invisible gas leak that caused air traffic at LAX to be re-routed.

Any more than the year it took for the Flint, Michigan water supply contamination to become a national news story after local indie news media had found the political and white-collar malfeasance that created a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK.

Any more than the NATIONAL CORPORATE-CAPTURED MASS MEDIA has reported the Portland, Oregon Public Schools Superintendent (earning nearly a quarter million dollars in obscene salary & perqs) who kept her mouth and staff silent while LEAD POISONING in school building drinking fountains and bathroom sinks sat in a dark folder on a Facilities & Maintenance desk.

Don’t even ask where the DEQ (Dept of Environmental Quality), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES were. Same place they were for the decade that FREEDOM INDUSTRIES contaminated the ELK RIVER Water Shed that poisoned 300,000 humans in West Virginia while again local coverage led by the Charleston Gazette-Mail’s Ken Ward, Jr and local West Virginia public radio and tv while NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO and PBS never elevated the story of water supply contamination to NATIONAL SECURITY RISK 24/7 Coverage. NOW IMAGINE ISLAMIST TERRORISTS HAD CONTAMINATED US WATER SUPPLIES INSTEAD OF BID-NET AS USUAL IN OUR DUOPOLY’S NEO-LIBERAL E-CON MODEL!

Amy Goodman and her staff at daily news report DEMOCRACY NOW syndicated via Community\College non-profit Radio (with online web site streaming video coverage from Standing Rock, Sioux Nation, North Dakota) have been covering this murky story’s angles that the wire services are not interested in. Corporate-captured National news could care less.

Check out this headline from their viral video follow-up: “Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Calls for Investigation of Dog Attacks on Native American Protesters

9-6-16 after the video of the untrained and unlicensed Ohio Guard Dogs bit to bloody mess some of the non-violent tribal protesters, Goodman and staff being real journalists and not corporate hired hands went to verify the licensing of the Ohio Dog Security company and found, no surprise here, that the company is not in fact licensed, their handlers untrained and the dogs had completed none of the protocols for licensing security or police dogs to work at protest sites.

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