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Centrism.biz: Scathing New Parody Site Rips Mask Off 'Zombie Neoliberalism'


Centrism.biz: Scathing New Parody Site Rips Mask Off 'Zombie Neoliberalism'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

There is no shortage of overtly ideological internet publications and websites in 2017—Breitbart for the alt-right, National Review for the so-called "respectable" conservatives, Jacobin for the socialist left.

"We don't need visionary leaders with big, cumbersome ideas. We need competent managers with small ideas. Ideas that we can fit in our wallet. Like money."


CD the link doesn’t work.

I’ll pass it around, Thanks


Yeah, link didn’t work.

It’s about time someone gives the finger to centrists.


Hmm…works for me…great site! Still unfinished, but can’t wait to see it when it is :slight_smile:


Or, you can just listen to or watch David Pakman and his sidekick Patrick, broadcasting out of Boston, who plays on my local U-station (WRCT 88.3) on the hour before the far better (even with its crappy production values) Democracy Now.

Pakman only plays the part of a “progressive” while fielding calls from right-wing foils. He is a Jewish millennial metrosexual Argentinian-USAn who loves Israel and “Venezuelan democratic resistance”, opposes single payer, hates Sanders, loves Hillary. I think that it is safe to his family supported the murderous junta back in the 1970s. After all, like Pinochet next door, they were only trying to save Argentina for Freedom and Free Markets from the evil collectivist socialists.


Isn’t that the new website for the DNC?


Vroom, vroom, vroom… how can that not be rubber I’m smelling. Did Trump just walk by?


Magnificent! Many thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Just makes one wanna join up really. Absolutely skewers it.


Nice to see CD print an article that trashes Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party in Canada, and his fake progressive veneer.


“Many argued in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election that Democrats should move “back to the center” in order to regain power.”
Strange how that multitude is generally made up of Neoliberal corporate lackeys. The “New Democrat” needs remember their populist and progressive roots and get busy retrieving this nation back from this move to the right that has brought us such marvelous things as endless war, an unstable and questionable healthcare access, an education system that not even developing nations want to copy, A degrading infrastructure, a minimum wage that is stagnant while housing costs go through the roof, leadership that supports a toxic industry because of faulty campaign financing and a legislative system that can spend a decade fighting against a way to supply health care to its citizens while they do little else.
Yeah we want our country back but we need to focus on who is benefiting from the status quo. If you can’t figure it out yourself Donald Trump bragged about it while addressing the United Nations yesterday. Oh, right, there is something else the Neo libs brought us to, a dysfunctional national administration because they couldn’t tolerate a democratically chosen presidential candidate…


Another waste of hope.


What kind of movement? What we have here is beyond a bit of constipation.


WARNING!   Next thing you know they’ll be promoting Chelsea for Congress.   Or the Senate.
Maybe even President someday.

And Centrism has a better answer to the rising tide of Climate Change facts — Canute for Congress, 2018!!

p.s. Does anyone know how to contact Centrism.biz?   There’s no “Contact Us” on their website, and an email to “info@centrism.biz” was returned as undeliverable . . .   :frowning:


This is not where we want to be


The “New Democrat” was created to stand against the DP’s populist and
progressive roots. That’s what the DLC was all about as it embraced corporatism…
not to win elections but to destroy anything populist or progressive still remaining
in the DP. These were/are puppets who serve Elites/wealthy – Koch Bros.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch: there may be no more evidence of the enduring cancerous scourge termed neoliberalism than the reemergence of the Hildebeast and, despite wretchedly painful reviews, a mainstream media fawning about how her book (her take on the 2016 campaign) has sold over 300,000 copies out of the gate. The point is that we are yet not rid of this horrible incompetent criminal and that this newest rebirth of Clintonism is aimed directly at another presidential run in 2020. So desperate is the sawed off monster runt that she is now shrieking that the 2016 results should be declared invalid even though there is no constitutional provision for such action. And like trump, she continues to play exclusively to her base and, in so doing, continues to run against her 2016 opponent. There will be no hope for the Democrats so long as the Clintons in their various forms and roles (which includes Obama) are allowed to have sway over opposition Democratic policies. She must be electorally dismissed severely and soon.


This sounds much like the tact taken in the thirties when the Republican Party had all but destroyed itself with the Wall Street crash and the resultant Great Depression, This is when the right began pandering to fringe groups to regain popular support since the very wealthy and corporations don’t have enough votes to elect the mayor of a mid-sized town.
Being acronym deprived I can only guess that you are referring to the Democratic Leadership Council with which I am unfamiliar but it seems quite likely that the Neo-liberals of the party have a patron to help them justify their move to the right. Maybe they see independents as votes to replace the progressives who are steadfast in their resistance. The DLC and ALIC seem to me to be birds of a feather just slightly less socially retarded. They could easily have the same sponsors since the 1% has little interest in social issues which, aside from a few real Democrats in Washington, is all the Democratic party is addressing at present.


Hilarious website.

Of course, for the D-party to move ‘back to the center,’ they’d have to move left.


Caitlin Johnstone saying something similar https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/centrists-are-violent-extremists-6c6e33e5c704 “American centrism is the most dangerous, omnicidal ideology that has ever existed”


“…neoliberalism with a wider, faker smile.”

you can tell by how much maxillary gum is showing–you know, the part that parodists color black