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Centrist Opponent of Medicare for All Wins Primary to Replace Kennedy After Progressives Split Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/centrist-opponent-medicare-all-wins-primary-replace-kennedy-after-progressives-split


What’s hard to comprehend, is how THIS NATION that claims SO much about “justice”, allows ANYONE to “win” an election with under 50%, 23% in this case. It’s an absurd embarrassment!
With Ranked Choice Voting (where everyone can rank their choices for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) you ALWAYS get a real WINNER with at least 50% support. Why is that not put in the Constitution??



Desire is the cause of suffering. Just ask Buddha.
Talk about a blunder.


Joe Kennedy is either an idiot or a phony. What a miscalculation. At this point, it doesn’t matter, really. He’s done, imo.
Did he endorse anyone in this primary? If so, were they progressive? The post mortem of this will be interesting to political junkies. But, this Kennedy was never ready for prime time.


If the left-media had brought attention to this months ago we could have brought pressure on these self-deluded candidates to drop out of the race.


A true Kennedy. For more than 50 years the Kennedys have treated Massachusetts as their private fiefdom. Joe expected the electorate to annoint him and he didn’t care.about the district he.left behind.

Nonetheless, the fact that all the petty politicians he left behind saw it as “their moment” saw a fractured field is a wonderful example of the cupidity of MA politics. If a handful of them were a touch more realistic and a touch less greedy for power this wouldn’t have happened


Because this way, Wall Street ALWAYS gets what it wants.

RCV is one of the top 5 things we need to actually have a democracy. Ending the Electoral College and Super Delegates are also in the top 5


Hi BeautifulMouth,

Hmm, perhaps, but from where I sit it sure looks like the Clinton/Pelosi/Stoyer end of the party were seeking some sort of personal hit on Sen. Markey. Notably, surprisingly, Schumer backed Markey, good for him.


What, pray tell, are the other two top-5 elements of an actual democracy?

Is worker control over the production & distribution of essential goods and services — aka economic democracy — in the top 5? Gosh I hope so!


Your call.

It seems that riding on grandfather’s coattails ended in a crash landing. Oh well, Joe, it looks like you took on the wrong politician this time. I bet it’s quiet when you enter the room for the family dinners, as the first Kennedy to lose an election.

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For every progressive the Democrats nominate to Congress , they are nominating two Republicans.

The party moves even further right.

Progressives will not get anywhere if they stick to the Democratic party.

Maybe Mitt Romney will move over next? The Democrats seem to love him since he started criticizing Trump and after all if critical of Trump that all that needed to be welcomed into the Democratic party.The Koch family is laughing all the way to the bank.


It’s hard as hell to amend the Constitution. It took 202 years to ratify the 27th Amendment (a college kid finally got it done in 1992), but it doesn’t need to be in the Constitution. RCV needs to become the law in each of the states, but there are strong anti-democracy forces in this country who are fighting it, mostly Republicans but many establishment Democrats too. Fake progressive Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed RCV after it was overwhelmingly approved by the California state legislature.


Ummm, ok I’ll just say it, you can’t give Kennedy all the credit for this. It is what happens when Progressives target Democrats instead of Republicans to be replaced.


Did you mean to say this is what happens when democrats target progressives to replace them with republicans?


No, meant to say there is more to political strategy and Progressives need to work on that. I understand it is a process but as you see the results, the big picture if you will, Trump is the President and that didn’t happen by accident.

True, Trump is the result of at least 30 years of democrat neoliberalism. You are right, they do have a strategy and progressives do not seem to.

Well yes, similar to the article I posted on RCV it might be the right fix for the right problem but it doesn’t fix some of the larger issues and especially at the presidential level. It is important to get elected to have a voice, but to be self-aware there is more to it.

I don’t think Trump was the intended outcome of neoliberalism, just saying.

It seems like Joe played the role of neoliberal hack to try and derail the more populist, grass roots candidate (Markey), and lock down another Senate seat in perpetuity for Wall Street and War, Inc.

Ironically, had Joe Kennedy III – or whatever the hell his number is – run as a champion of President John F. Kennedy’s 1963-era mindset (the mindset, for example, of eradicating the CIA, ending the war machine, putting intelligent, compassionate men and women in powerful positions), then he would probably have improved his chances. Had he used his campaign platform to call for a new investigation of the hit jobs on JFK and Bobby, he might have won.

But it would have been unseemly, wouldn’t it, for a neoliberal drone like Joe the Third to call attention to how the CIA, working for Wall Street and War, Inc., blew out the brains of his uncles? Money is thicker than blood.