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Centrist Pundits Paved Way for Trump’s ‘Alt-Left’ False Equivalence


Centrist Pundits Paved Way for Trump’s ‘Alt-Left’ False Equivalence

Adam Johnson

President Donald Trump sparked outrage Tuesday afternoon after he equated Nazis and counter-protesters in Charlottesville. To do so, he referred to the anti-racist activists as the “alt-left,” with the implication that they were the equivalent of the “alt-right,” two sides to the same coin, showing there was, in his words, evil “on both sides.”



Trumpism doesn’t threaten the DNCistas and allied elites, at least in the short term.

An authentic left, if it’s doing its job


(Whether Sandersismo constitutes same is … um … arguable.)


These litany of social ‘theories’ reminds me of those passing along instructions on the internet about the proper way to hit a pitched baseball. Ad hoc, sophomoric metaphors. The true ‘center’ is statistically what the public judges most strongly. Polls and surveys have shown seemingly forever that the public wants a single payer health system. Not what the public thinks the kings and queens of our hierarchical society would permit but what they themselves objectively want. To include real democracy that they know in their bones doesn’t exist in the land of the free (fee). After all, when you’ve heard your whole life expressions as, “you can’t fight city hall”… “it’s not what you know but who you know” and other similar examples, it’s hard to square that with living in a true functioning democracy. I feel for those that study and keep track of the MSM. Sometimes you want to take them away from that for a while, take them to a ball field and show them how to hit a pitched baseball.



coined by the Right to set up the false equivalency. Stop blaming the victims.

The Alt-Right named itself, in an effort at rebranding away from words like “racist” and “neonazi.” Don’t let them get away with defanging it just when we’re onto them.