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Centrists Are Going to Kill Us

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/24/centrists-are-going-kill-us


It is time to stop calling them centrists. They are to the right of Ronald Reagan’s policies. They are conservative Democrats who legislate just like hard core Republicans. Everyone needs to change the label from “Neoliberal” or “Centrist Democrat” to “Conservative, Corporate Democrat”. Until we fix the way we talk about these plutocratic enablers we are going to be talking in circles.


I’d always gotten confused as a kid (half a century back) at my mom’s newspaper buddies refering to nice, affluent ofay liberals as, “Reactionaries?” I’d mistaken effusive, obtrusive facade of propriety as genuine acknowledgement? Yuppies who’d bought into a meritocracy (inversely proportionate to melenin or estrogen) somehow remain speciously oblivious?


Centrist democrats are reliable voters - they will turn out to vote - even for progressive candidates, and especially against Trump. However Progressives and No-Shows will not be motivated by centrist candidates, as with Clinton last election. Bernie or Warren will generate the enthusiasm to motivate voters and so will have the reliable centrist voters, the progressives and many no-shows. Its a no-brainer.


I think I would even leave the “conservative” off.
"Corporate-OWNED Democrat" might even be better.


Warren is going to split the vote away from Bernie, so forgive me if I cannot get excited about her.


"The bottom line is, Democrats can pick a centrist candidate and go after some of those 77 thousand, or they can pick a progressive and go after some of those 96 million no shows."

Or they can go after neither group, sit back and enjoy their tax cuts and deregulation while blaming progressives for everything that Trump does, even though they refused to hold Trump accountable during his first term.


Thank you John.

Centrist (i.e. right wing) Democrat’s are the leaders of the Party power structure. They are likely to get Trump elected - again. In the process they will demand progressives shut up , fall in line, and back their right wing candidate. They will blame all their ills on Putin and progressives (who they label as Russian trolls).


Centrists are the “immoral majority” that are too weak to stand up to the two-party system of government that has decimated our failing Democracy.


Back in 1980 these current so-called ‘centrists’ we called them Reagan Democrats. And now the ‘mainstream’ Democrats are no different than what were considered Republicans back then. If Ronnie Reagan was running, he’d be running on a Democratic ticket…just like Hillary did. And remember Obama worshipped the ground he walked on… Republicans in reality in the sheep’s clothing of the Democratic Party.

And I’ll agree, they LIKE Trump being in power. They get to bitch at the same time they keep getting wealthier because their investments are right in line with the corporate policies and that is never going to change.

Bernie is an old-school FDR Capitalist, Warren is also to an extent, and both of their foreign policies (what little you hear about) make me want to throw up. The Green New Deal? It’s going to fry the planet anyway, death of the biosphere.

It’s all cosmetic, like lipstick on a corpse. The meat is rotting underneath the paint…

We need someone along the lines of ex-VP Henry Wallace but that ain’t gonna happen, not with the bank vault lock on the political reality the wealthy have in this country.

Bad to worse to extreme my entire life, the politics of this country follow the same line of collapsing climate and wildfire changes. We are in ‘Paradise California’ levels of political death…

I have no answers. This sucks, always has.



exactly so John! Without someone, something, to vote for, that inspires and energizes people will see they are getting screwed yet again and betrayed by the DINO DP DNC machine.

That LOTR rubbish doesn’t sell anymore, even with a stinking pile of trump rot that threatens all humanity and the wider environment

The corporate/banker/Wall street wing of the DP that has, and continues to sabotage progressives and progressive issues to serve their big-money donors. - and by doing that they sign their own political death warrants!


We need to face something big. For most of human history, people have been unable to govern themselves wisely and control the human predators in their midst. This is just the latest example of thousands of years of our inability to make decisions on the basis of enlightened self-interest.** You can’t just blame the predators. It was the PEOPLE who voted in 1980 to dismantle our Progressive-era and New Deal system of regulation and protections.


It’s a no-brainer for those of us who genuinely care about the future of the nation and the planet.

But for Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the Corporate DemocRATS, it is a far second to retaining their positions of greed, power, and selfishness.


If “Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the Corporate DemocRATS” keep doing what they always been doing they will not just “retain”, but expand “their positions of greed, power, and selfishness”.

If the 99% keep doing what they have always been doing they will keep getting what they have been getting for nearly four decades…a ticket to ultimate poverty.


If either Warren or Sanders is elected, I think we will learn the true meaning of Deep State and it isn’t what the right-wingers or Trump say it is.

Sabotage will be from within. An alliance of mainstream media/Democratic/Republican/Wall St will strangle any radical reforms.

The unions will have to declare their hand and be prepared for a general strike for the benefits Sanders and Warren will try and bring. What Hong Kong and French Yellow Vests do, will have to be done coast to coast in the USA.


I voted for Obama Twice because of the Hope & Change rhetoric, but important Changes Never came and I lost Hope.

I blame Obama for elevating Demagogues like Trump to the White House.

Obama turned out to be a Center Right politician, a Wall Street Puppet and certainly Undeserving of his Peace Prize.

Trump has a long list of Disparaging, Disgusting Personality Traits, but I must admit he is a Clever Politician.

Trump is well aware of the pain and suffering of Millions of Union Factory Workers in the Rust Belt that lost their Jobs when our Greedy Corporations decided to pack their bags and move to China.

He knows how to Lie and tell these former high paid Union Workers what they want to hear: their Jobs are coming back, his Health Care Plan will be far better than Obama Care and cost less, blah, blah, blah.

He is an expert Snake Oil Salesman and his audience wants to believe him because they are desperate, were forced to take low paying jobs and Obama failed them.

This lying scoundrel never intended to help anyone financially except large Corporations and the Trump Organization.

The Majority of Americans are not looking for Centrist Positions from their Politicians they are looking for real Change that will help them pay their Bills and Survive the Corporate Takeover of America and the Stranglehold they have put on Salaries.

The author of this article, John Atcheson is a Thousand Percent correct, if we Nominate a low energy Candidate like Joe Biden with his Republican Lite Agenda we are certain to lose the 2020 election to the Snake Oil Salesman who will tell Voters what they want to hear but Rob the Treasury on behalf of his Wealthy Friends and Cut Social Security and Medicare so he can further enrich the Trump Organization.

BERNIE - 2020

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" an alliance of mainstream…will strangle any radical reforms. "
The alliance of which you speak is not, first of all, what you’d typically think of as " mainstream ". Unless, of course, by mainstream you mean a beaucoup amount of multi-millionaires. And a healthy smattering of mega-millionaires and several large truckloads of billionaires. Also, that stream only flows through the mythical gold vaults of Ft. Knox; is lousy for drinking, swimming in and watering your lawn with, by the way.
There is absolutely nothing " radical " or " over the top " or " out of left field " about the policies of Sen. Sanders and his revised and updated New Deal 2.0. Mr. Atcheson’s large majorities on a decade(s) of polling results are consistently accurate, as well.
The same things can be said about the proposed Green New Deal. Which is merely a technological response to the prevailing " facts on the ground ".
The planet and its various supports are literally collapsing. And personally, the GND is too thin a curing broth for a very ill physical world. But, it’s a start. And, it is an old saw but still true, " the longest journey begins with the first step(s) ".
So in ending this I say to you, " Bon Voyage, Happy Trails, Vaya Con Dios and … " well, you get it.
To the mega-millionaires, etc. I say, " don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. "

You do realize (don’t you?), that American Conservatism is every bit as neoliberal as the DNC Liberals?
Establishment Republicans and Democrats are both Liberal political systems advocating neoliberal policies. They may prefer different facets of Liberal hobbies/causes but both are wedded to the key element of neoliberalism which is the coddling and pampering of the Markets. That is the essence of corporatist neoliberalism, regardless of whether you personally prefer Conservative Republican, or Liberal Democratic social policies and economics.

If either Sanders or Gabbard is elected, I think we will learn the true meaning of Deep State and it isn’t what the right-wingers or Trump say it is.

Sabotage will be from within. An alliance of mainstream media/Democratic/Republican/Wall St will strangle any radical reforms.

The unions will have to declare their hand and be prepared for a general strike for the benefits Sanders and Gabbard will try and bring. What the French Yellow Vests do, will have to be done coast to coast in the USA.

-there, fixed it for you.

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Too late. Centrists have already killed us.