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Centrists—Or Neoliberals–Control the Party and the Media and They're Risking Losing to Trump Again in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/25/centrists-or-neoliberals-control-party-and-media-and-theyre-risking-losing-trump


A breath of fresh air-interview with Abby Martin.



Change actually happens in jumps or leaps .
A great book on this was Jump Time by Jean Houston.
The time for the overhaul of humanity is now .
Everything going to change massively.


The corporate Dems would much rather have Trump in office for another 4 years than having Bernie as president. The corporate owned Dems and Reps agree on almost everything (because their benefactors do), and both groups are equal in their hatred of Bernie. It’s just one more thing that the corporate controlled politicians agree on. So I don’t see the Dems even trying to win, which is why they picked Biden. They just want to stop Bernie, at all cost, even if that means losing to Trump again.


What I find as interesting is just as there are Trump supporters that hang on every word he says and will support him no matter what he does while being unable to think critically about the nonsense he spouts on a daily basis , there are likely just as many Hilary supporters doing the same thing as she spews off on this Russian crap. They are two sides of the same coin.


The same plugged nickel!


Stop calling them Corporate Dems or Neoliberal Dems or Centrist Dems.

They are Dems.

And the Dem leadership definitely prefers Trump as president. Notice the period at the end of the sentence.

With Trump as POTUS, he creates constant noise, constant chaos & cover, constant distraction. With all that Sound & Fury, the Dems are free to vote according the desire of their donors: more war, more coporatism.

And best of all, they can posture & wring their hands all damn day, with no consequences.

Trump governs exactly as a Democrat would, except his racism is overt, Archie Bunker type racism, as opposed to polite Hillary Clinton country club racism.

Seriously, this has been obvious for years, why are we even talking about this anymore? The planet is boiling…


Trump’s nickname for Byedone writes itself: “Ukraine Joe.”

2020 is looking ugly for Democrats.
Turn out depressed.
Young voters disillusioned.
No coat tails.

And out of the ashes, a viable, progressive third party


Dream on. Americans don’t have the guts or brain to figure out that democrats and republicans are the same and that they need a third party, one that actually represents them

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Unless you remove the Corporate Bribes/Donations from the equation it will be virtually impossible to convince Democratic Lawmakers to adopt Progressive Ideas and abandon their Corporate Pay/Masters.

The Bribes Dominate the Agenda.

The Dems would rather continue with Trump if it means voting for Bernie and eliminating their Bribes.

Any intelligent person knows that going down the Hillary/Biden path is a losing proposition.

But the Leaders of the Democratic Party are Unwilling to give up the Corporate Bribes that dictate the Agenda, so instead we get another 4 years of Right Wing Republican Rule that will Worsen the Income status of the Middle and Lower Class.

The only Path to Victory and a more Egalitarian Society is to over-ride the Greed of the Democratic Leadership and defeat them at the Ballot Box.



One extremely sad reason is cowardice and I’m not talking about the average American, who is now conditioned – and rightfully so – to be cynical about our 2-party farce and the processes it thrives on.

No, I’m talking about someone like Bernie Sanders.
He sports an (I) next to his name, except when it’s time actually show the ultimate independence.
He eschews corporate donors, except when he occasionally talks at big money DSCC events.
He talks about a revolution, but clings to the status quo duopoly.
He talks about the Democratic Party finally having the guts to do this or that…except they never do.
He talks about fixing a rigged system – from the very heart of the rigged system!

Now I don’t expect Bernie to singlehandedly lead us to the promised land. But would it be so hard for him to acknowledge that he’s playing a role in a kabuki show? Because every day that he continues to legitimize this structure is a win for the oligarchs.

They don’t fear you, Bernie, or hate you. Because as just another Democrat, you’re no threat. The same goes for The Squad and the other handful of progressives subsumed within the d-party: You’re under the thumb of the people Nancy Pelosi answers to, and pretending otherwise is a sham.

You know when oligarchs would hate you? After you disrupted their grifter’s playground with 20 progressives walking out of big tent into the sunshine of truth-telling.

Finally, a sane voice warning again of a Trump presidential victory because 

the Democratic Party leadership is just as much part of the elite ruling
corporate state as the Republicans; as Ralph Nader
said a long time ago about the two parties, “there’s not a dime’s
worth of difference.” Some things never change, “. . . and there’s
nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).
And while Bernie and Progressive candidates are offering classic
New Deal government interventions to control the capitalist beast,
corporate capitalist sycophants will use Big Brother’s “boot to stamp”
on the spirit of the new; and “for ever” (O’Brien to Winston Smith in
Orwell’s 1984).
So thanks John for keeping CD readers vigilant.

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I have voted Green for over a decade now, but these guys do not represent all the Dems. They sure do represent the party in office, but they sure do not represent all the party on the street.

There are a thousand ways to make the mistake, but a lot of this happens because people are still watching TV and reading commercial news and imagine that they can read between the lines a bit and know what is happening in the political world.

All of you are ignoring the fact that Sanders, Warren, or any candidate of color could win the Democratic nomination, but most likely would lose the election to Trump. None of these Democratic nominees have any experience in the executive level. The only one running who has more executive level experience than any other nominee, Republican or Democrat, is Joe Biden. Sanders and Warren are going to be labeled by Trump as socialists and anti-capitalists. A minority nominee of color will bring the anti-Obama rhetoric and racists out of the woodwork, creating the backlash vote that got Trump elected the first time. Democratic primaries don’t necessarily reflect the nation.

So although it might be nice to have a socialist or minority running for president, realistically the end result would be four more years of Trump. If you don’t believe this, why would Trump try to get dirt on Biden and not any of the other Democrats running? Because he is afraid of Biden, not Warren, Sanders, or a minority.

I only skim John Atcheson’s pieces, more interested in the comments to them.

This guy has to be on the payroll of the dem party.

He’s always, and I mean always, writing about the damned dem party, as if it’s the only game in town.

He is just one of many who ‘contribute’ here on CD, reinforcing the mindset of the duopoly as all you have to choose from.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to fathom how so many can continue to elect these criminals, with all that is at stake in our society and on our planetary home.


Biden is already branded by Trump as “Ukraine Joe.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, Trump would wipe the floor with him.


Or you can shoot yourselves in the foot by fighting about policies, all of which are better options than anything Trump has to offer.

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Nice to see this acknowledgement here. Kudos.

Part of the reason this risk of losing to Trump again exists is that the two sides of the Democratic Party are not really closer to each other than they are to Trump.

The neoliberal neoconservatives or vice versa have usurped the central party and most of the elected offices, but a substantial population of Democratic voters have just not gotten the news since the news industry was also usurped.

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" Trump governs just as a Democrat would "
Please move to Oregon a.s.a.p. That’s some really good shit you’re growin’ and smokin’’, dude. We’ll trade some of our 28% THC Indica Hybrid for that off-the-charts shit, man.
What are you sprinklin’ on it, pig tranquilizer or angel dust? What’s your secret, fentanyl?
Come on bro, what are the thought leaders like yourself doing to reach such high levels of enlightenment? Could it be cocaine enemas?

Good article except for labeling Warren as the same as Sanders.

Warren is a neoliberal. The thing that separates her from the rest of the neolibs on the stage is that she has been much better at adopting the speech of the revolution. Unfortunately, that’s all she’s adopted.

She has many plans. Please read them John, they all are labeled as though they support the revolution. As you read them though you realize that no matter how wonderful they sound, in the end they consistently leave the reins in the hands of the corportists.

The reins are the smallest and seemingly the most inconsequential part of the equestrian tack. Nevertheless, they are the most important when it comes to directing where the horse goes. The horse always goes where the reins direct no matter what words are spoken.

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