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CEO Jeff Bezos Hides Backstage as Amazon Employees Demand 'Bold, Rapid' Climate Action

CEO Jeff Bezos Hides Backstage as Amazon Employees Demand 'Bold, Rapid' Climate Action

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amazon CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos refused to emerge from backstage at his company's annual shareholder meeting in Seattle on Wednesday as a group of his employees demanded that the online retail giant use its immense power and resources to help confront the global climate crisis.


Jeff Bezos actions prove that he is of the attitude “I’ve got mine and nothing and no one else matters.” Amazon, with all of its great convenience and service is also growing into a societal monster.


The meek shall inherit the earth despoiled by the powerful and greedy–some bargain, eh? Time for yet another reposting:

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.
-Indigenous Peoples’ Wisdom


Shipping stuff all over the place, including ourselves.

That’s one of the biggest reasons we’re now in the midst of certain climate chaos. Well, it was a nice planet. Then the human outbreak started, and man, have things gone downhill.


JB, along with a number of other extremely wealthy individuals, have already written off planet Earth. They have their eyes on the stars, and, given the popularity of our space-faring myths, it almost seems like a logical step. For them. Trash the place and move on. There is a cultural continuity to the approach.


Time to boycott and divest, money is all he understands.


Bezos is dangerous! He could care less about saving the planet. Why? He will be in Space building his Elysium while we suffer the consequences living in a world he helped destroy.


Well then, thanks for coming back, ogfarmer. (I never know why it is mentioned when people haven’t posted in awhile). This is the most important thing to do. Boycott Jeff Bezos in all forms- Amazon, Washington Post, Whole Foods, and anything else he is scooping up. He should have been stopped by anti-trust laws. But good laws no longer function, at least not for the wealthy.


He’s more concerned about setting up colonies on Mars where the air is unbreathable, there is no biodiversity, temperatures are like an icy hell. Take care of the planet where we don’t need space suits, you rich bald idiot!


Sorry MS. Cunningham you’re out of luck. You’re boss just proved to you and you’re fellow employees that he has zero leadership skills and is a complete coward.


Bezos has written off most of the human race (people of color and the working poor), not the planet. Space travel and colonizing Mars is a distraction from his approval of World War III instigated during Trump’s 2nd term should he again steal the election. The ruling class have no intention of supporting a world population of 10 billion by 2040.

The more important distraction that Bezos and his villainous cohorts in business have devised to keep the public unaware of actual solutions is self-driving car tech. None of its heralded claims are true. Nor would it reverse global warming if it were ever technically feasible. Bezos does not need driverless AV tech to continue bankrupting local small and large businesses that entire cities depend on for survival. Soon after the declaration of WWIII, a shut off of fuel supplies will lead to starvation and mass extermination. Trump will be promised the title of World Emperor and be portrayed as a Saint
to the surviving elite who travel between reclusive estates praying to St. Donald for a safe flight.


I believe it was said some centuries back by another obsessed with riches man: “Après moi, le deluge.”

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I remember that movie: 2012. They laid it all out.

The problem with her heart-felt and well-meaning approach–if anything more than an attempt to wake up her fellow employees or to spur a boycott of his companies, is that she is trying to reason with a psychopath. (Show me anyone who aspires to and/or reaches his stature who is not one…)


Bruno Latour, the French polymath, has written extensively about Gaia. He even claims that this discovery is as important as Galileo’s.

A “critical zone” is a region that can be studied by an interdisciplinary group of scientists, for example from the air in the mountains down to the soil and underlying geology. There are only 7 critical zone studies going in the US and one from Duke University invited Bruno to be educated on their work. Much of this is on soil and its destruction in the few hundred years of agriculture in Southern US. The film ends with the case that to address the Anthropocene, it will take hundreds of years with a mindset of indigenous people who for example make decisions with 7 generations in mind. Not only scientits but artists, poets, political theorists, etc. need to be involved to construct what is happening to the earth from human intervention.

Celebrated French philosopher Bruno Latour travels with Duke University Critical Zone scientist Daniel D. Richter, PhD to the John C. Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) in rural South Carolina to observe how deep soil erosion gives a more nuanced view of the Anthropocene.

“The Education of Bruno Latour: From the Critical Zone to the Anthropocene” Feature-Length Documentary

I am really kind of sick of this Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the worl b******* because that’s exactly what it is is b*******. The Rothschild family is worth 400 billion dollars.

The measure of his wealth is something entirely other than BS, Shaw.
See my previous post and weep.

We have watched dozens of disaster movies and should the plot, AND the remedies. We can’t seem to do what we KNOW has to be done. Do we have to hurt someone or something to get moving.
Let’s not go back to the days of JFK, RFK, MLK etc., if we have other choices.

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The problem is that the 7000 employees who signed on as part of this ‘Amazon Employees for Climate Justice’ group only represents an easily replaced 1.2% of the Amazon workforce. If the number of self-professed conscientious employees ever crept up to even the 10% mark, they may at least get an on-stage appearance from the man to give lip-service to their ‘cause’. So imho, the biggest challenge we all face is the uncaring, apathetic public; therefore in my cynicism I’ve accepted the reality that I will not see better things come to pass in my short time here on this planet. Still scary as hell though … this living dystopia we all find ourselves in.

The rules of corporate profit demand that only the low-hanging fruit gets developed.

Hetty Green, the richest woman on Wall Street in her day, was so cheap that she didn’t promptly call a doctor when her son had a leg problem. Later the leg was amputated.

Jeff Bezos, you make Hetty Green’s medical decision look rather rational. Your descendants are going to inherit a hot, dry, probably cloudless world where not much food grows, plus half of creation is extinct. Talk about cutting off a leg!

Jeff, if you want to buy something rational, you could develop a wind-powered water pump that restores the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack. Somebody at the University of Arizona drew a first sketch of one but their engineering execution is pretty bad. If you built it the world would need to deploy on the order of one million of these machines. By the way, because there’s only one possible buyer, expect to get rooked monetarily on the deal. Write it off!