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CEO-Worker Income Gap Higher in U.S. Than Anywhere Else: Analysis

CEO-Worker Income Gap Higher in U.S. Than Anywhere Else: Analysis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While corporations and wealthy Americas look foward to massive tax breaks, Bloomberg analysis finds CEOs of U.S. companies make 265 times more than average workers 

protest corporate greed

CEO: Corrupt Elitist Oligarchs


265 is of course the average. Individual corporations have CEOs that make close to 500 x more than the average worker at whichever company.

The average just sounds better huh Bloomberg.

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The income gap and the inequality are astounding. These CEO’s and their related companies will claim that they have been a benefit to the society and the economy in general by providing products and services. The adverse is just as true. The increase in pollution…poorer health outcomes…more homelessness…the list is endless. It is all coming out of our pockets and wallets. This is what we are buying. Kinda sucks don’t it?

What twisted language we use, can anyone actually “earn” 100 million dollars?
What kind of hardship did these people endure, that they were “compensated” for?
The rest of us are only known for being “human capital”.

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This is what the Republicans gave us with Trump, a multi billionaire CEO. My crystal ball tells me Trump is going to get back lashed in both the 2018 congressional elections and the 2020 re-election campaign. Republicans that want to survive that backlash are going to have to distance themselves from Trump ultimately. THEY ARE NOT DOING THAT YET despite their drop in the polls. https://realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/

Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 14, Disapprove 64 Disapprove +50