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"Certainly Sanders' Moment": Poll Shows Bernie Beating All GOP Hopefuls

"Certainly Sanders' Moment": Poll Shows Bernie Beating All GOP Hopefuls

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A day after a poll showed Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to be in a dead heat nationwide, survey responses revealed that U.S. voters back Sanders over Republican candidates by margins of 4 to 10 percentage points in head-to-head presidential contests.


One wonders how the poster LRX will spin THIS data.

Also, imagine if Mr. Sanders had all the media spotlight and press coverage that idiot-savant Trump gets? Imagine what his poll numbers would be THEN!


We are in sore need of fresh air not stale bread! Bernie will provide for this but in the meantime we can work for true socialism across the board.

From Truthdig:


Yes! Yes! Yes! Now we must get every one of our voters out for the primaries and the general election.


Yes!, and tell them to bring their tourches because giving notice to Wall Street that we are Berning down their house!


To all my Hillary-loving friends:

Considering that Hillary can’t win in the general election, it is time for all Democrats to stand unified in support of the inevitable nominee and candidate for the general election, US Senator Bernie Sanders. Like you, I would have loved to see this election as the occasion for electing the first female US President, but in light of today’s conditions and political climate, let’s be practical and accept the only realistic alternative before us, and bring this primary to a swift conclusion: Bernie Sanders for President!


The Sanders campaign strategy is truly built for the long-haul. It depends on people responding to his message and having his support snowball - which so far it has - and then using it to get many repeat donations from his supporters. Hillary’s traditional drive for fewer, larger donations will probably top out her contributions before the end of the primary season if she does not wrap up the nomination by the end of March, and the contest goes all the way to California in June. The Sanders’ campaign strategy of getting large numbers of voters to give many smaller contributions means his campaign could have almost as much total money as Clinton’s throughout the season. He already has over 1 million individual donors. If each one gave an average of just $200 to the campaign over the primary season in $25-50 increments, he gets to a $200 million war chest for the primaries - a very credible and competitive national primary budget. And he does it without ANY corporate or billionaire money!


No spin. But, there is some bad news today for Sanders. A Monmouth poll shows Clinton is leading him in South Carolina by 29 points. I guess it is a reflection of real life, good and bad news.

No doubt Bernie will bury any GOP candidate for POTUS but first Bernie needs to secure the Democratic nomination and folks please do not forget the main obstruction is Wall Street, Debbie Wasserman and the DNC! We need a grass roots movement to make sure the HRC Democratic convention corruption is not allowed to happen.


I signed up for an automatic monthly contribution. $15-25 a month…is an amount that most of us can sacrifice since this Presidency is THAT important.


I love photography, and photographers make a distinction between a “snap shot” and a “picture,” a snap shot is a moment in time, interesting to those directly involved but needing further explication for others, the picture stands on its own needing no further explication. So too with these polls, polls are but snap shots in time, and should not be confused with the bigger picture, in MHO. The big picture is that there are clear indications that Bernie is catching on, that this journey is no where near over, unlike Mr. Certitude who posted yesterday saying Hillary will have it wrapped up by April. Don’t think so!


The voters are getting to know Bernie Sanders…and the Clinton’s. In the first instance they clearly like what they see in Bernie Sanders - principled leadership for the Common Good. In the second, they are understanding that past is political prologue, and are shifting away from self interest and corruption as a way of political (and financial) advancement, wind-sock positions, and ego.



Wow, sharp brief essay that nails the entire Clintonista “Neoliberal Democrat” $ell-out, from the corporatist DLC and the B Clinton White House, to fronting for the Neocon strategy of failed states with H Clinton running the Obama State Department. (Maybe i should bookmark Counterpunch…)

If only we had an honest communications media…

And yet, even with the massive assault on our consciousness, the Sanders campaign has its head above water and is swimming toward shore!


it won’t be by that big of a margin, but as long as black support is still around 80%+, Clinton’s going to have a significant advantage in states with a black heavy Democratic vote. On the other hand, her former command of Latinos/as has degraded substantially, and that’s really the more important bloc overall. Her preferability lead is now under 10 points give or take, and that spells opportunity for Sanders. If I’m Sanders, I’m taking Spanish lessons in a hurry.

Btw, for those interested in the tactics of campaigning, Clinton’s decision to ride Obama’s coat tails may wind up destroying her campaign Obama isn’t exactly loved in the Hispanic community for his devotion to deportation and ICE raids. By lining up with Obama, some of that hostility regarding immigration and migrant rights will likely get directed to Her Heinous. If Sanders is willing to finally acknowledge that he’s in a battle against the party itself, he could seriously exploit that.


Precisely my stance:

Never in a million years am i voting for any of those monstrous Republican candidates…

And never in a million years am i voting for that monstrous Democrat Clinton.


in the general, sure, but he needs delegates up the wazoo right now,so they matter as primary states. He’s still rocking a near 300 delegate deficit thanks to the Dems cheatin’ ways. He doesn’t have to win those states–which is good, because he probably won’t. But if he can keep it close enough to snare a good chunk of delegates, Super Tuesday could get interesting in a real hurry.


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My fear is that the DNC will sabotage Sanders nomination and everyone will be so mad they’ll stay home on election day and the Republicans will win.
Wasserman-Shultz is so dead set on her buddy Hillary winning that she could derail Bernie and Hillary will loose. We know they won’t give it to him without a fight.
I’m a firm believer if they block Bernie he should switch to Independent and win that way. If that doesn’t work we all need to hit the streets and demand action.
The fight may begin before he even gets into office. I sure don’t want him to walk away like Kerry and Gore did when they stole it from them.


We have to try to deal now with the un-democratic “Super-delegates” which it
seems Hillary has bought and continues to buy –

and the way Hillary is picking up new money from super-pacs previously
banned by Obama and now being ignored by DNC/DWS.

Total new $$ expected for Hillary is $35 million –
and she is right now raising more money from Wall Street which has
already given her $44 million.

We have some other things to think about from the highest perspective …
When I give money to Bernie, evidently some of that money is going
to support the DNC. I haven’t given money to them since the Howard
Dean sidelining.

Some of our contributions also go to support right wing DINO’s I wouldn’t

Quote – http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/01/politics/hillary-clinton-fundraising-100-million/index.html
Like Clinton, Sanders also signed a joint fundraising effort with the DNC this quarter, starting to raise money for the national party in November.
While it will be difficult for Sanders to turn in a bigger haul than Clinton, the Vermont senator is expected to bring in a sizable haul, largely buoyed by his strong online contributions.

Since launching his campaign, Sanders has solicited over 2.3 million donations and raised over $40 million – including a sizable $26 million in the third quarter. Aides have said that the campaign is focused on surpassing 1 million donors by the end of the year. Unquote

Not only are TPTB not going to sit idly by and see another FDR rise …
They are not going to sit idly be and see another trio like JFK, Pope John XXIII and Khrushchev rise to seek peace in the world.
They also were quickly moved aside one way or the other.

Not only is this a chance for revolution for ordinary people in the US vs corporate fascism
It is also a chance for TPTB to totally defeat democracy which has long been the agenda
of the John Birch Society/Koch Family.

Last times around, there was disbelief that those who rule us would engage in violence -
we cannot be that naïve. Violence is the only way the right wing can rise or hold onto power.
That has always been true - it is true now.


I have never been too concerned about the crumbling GOP circus. The big obstacle to Bernie’s Presidency is Hillary.

If he can win Nevada, even with just a squeaker and come within 10%age points of Hillary in South Carolina, you can lay the odds 4 :1, that he will be the next President of the US of A.
Not because these two states sport a large ‘haul’ of delegates, but because it would affirm, that the wave is alive and growing and because it would increase the ‘band wagon effect’.

However, that is not enough to realize the changes Bernie is after (as well as we are). In order to accomplish that we have to make this wave grow into a tsunami, which will also flood right into the congress and pound home the point,that this revolution is for real, and if the Reps and the Senators want to safe their careers, they better pay attention.
That and no less is the goal we must achieve!