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CETA's Threat to Seed Freedom


CETA's Threat to Seed Freedom

Heidi Chow

Seeds are an emotive issue. Across the globe, generations of farmers have been able to save seeds from each year's crops, store them, exchange them and re-use them in the next season. Seeds are the source of our food and for many communities seeds lie at the heart of culture. Women are traditionally the seed-savers, passing on knowledge down the generations, which seeds are suitable for different climatic conditions, soil types, which foods go well together when cooked, which seeds planted next to each other fix the nitrogen in the soil and so on.


Extorting money from farmers will be only one of the many forms of extortion enabled by CETA, TPP, TTIP and other regulatory capture disguised as "trade deals".


Monsanto et al are trying to get farmers in a position where they cannot grow crops without paying seed companies. The actions by biotech companies are already impacting farmers in India, leading to a wave of farmer suicides.