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Chair of Postal Service Board Under Fire Over Little-Noticed RNC Appearance Backing 'Four More Years!' for Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/chair-postal-service-board-under-fire-over-little-noticed-rnc-appearance-backing

Robert Duncan, just another Mafia Lieutenant in Trump’s MAFIAOCRACY! The entire Trump organized crime syndicate needs to be: LOCKED UP!**

What good are just laws, rules and regulations …

IF no one in authority is enforcing them?

Even simple laws of decency have been abandoned for Trump –

Any expectation of truth falls as we count tens of thousands of lies –

Who is crazy, dangerous, deluded – Trump – or a nation which accepts his behavior?

Greenwich:You have summed it for me and my understanding of where we are headed. If extraordinary leadership doesn’t come along soon, we will be settling more and more of our woes out in the streets.

The problem is that this country has never had a revolution to force the plutocrats to provide this population even the most basic of services, as has been the case in Europe. De Tocqueville said something (paraphrasing) about this country inheriting the worst pathologies of Europe and magnifying them to a prodigious degree.

I don’t think we get out of this without struggle, and it’ll probably be violent.