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Chairman Pai Can't Win for Losing


Chairman Pai Can't Win for Losing

Timothy Karr

No amount of spin can undo that. But that hasn’t stopped Pai from trying and trying, again and again.

His latest came in the form of a statement, released Wednesday, touting the expiration of a bipartisan congressional effort to restore the Net Neutrality protections.

“I’m pleased that a strong bipartisan majority of the U.S. House of Representatives declined to reinstate heavy-handed internet regulation,” Pai said.

Umm, not quite, Mr. Chairman.


Pai has lied as much as Trump and needs to be brought to justice.

Lock him up in a Guantanamo cell block with Trump so they can holler lies at each other.


You’re a softie Ray.

I say in addition to putting them in the same cell, give them a gun with only one bullet in it.

See if they can work together with that.


I’m normally right with you on your comments, Ricky, but in fairness to Obama, he was forced to appoint someone to the FCC who could get Republican votes for approval.


Hmmm it would be amusing if Mr. Pai’s work computer and home ones just went so very very slooooooow. Where are all those hackers to make this dreams come true. : ) Because after all, turnabout is fair play—isn’t it? : )


The votes from 4 conservadems on a foregone vote gets you riled up, Ricky?

C’mon, man, that’s how the Dems have to play politics, with a big tent that includes Joe Manchin, et al. That right leaning flank of the Dems exerts the ruling control over there. You see Biden and Beto as early frontrunners, right?

That’s why I want to splinter off a lefties’ third party. The d-party doesn’t give a damn about liberals except for their votes and money.