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Chairman Ryan Obeys Koch Machine, Moves to Kill Domestic Wind



People see the corruption and Republicans will be shocked at how much opposition they will have when a sell out pseudo-republican like Obama is gone. Repubs think Dems are lightweights because Obama played along but Bernie will come in as an independent minded politician who will have the people as his base and people want real change not Obama bait and switch. I think repubs like Ryan are in for a surprise as the future unfolds.


...I had a ride in my "way-back" machine reading your post...it's just my opinion but I think "Turn-Coat" is a more tried and true phrase...whatya think?...


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Sadly with whichever name, people all know what we mean. Although turn coat - and - bait and switch seem to fit when talking about Obama. I hope he doesn't do lots of unnecessary damage in his last year like allowing drilling in the arctic.

I'm hoping that Bernie wins, lots of more progressive (less reactionary?) people get elected and after two years of seeing that Bernie meant what he said then many more progressive politicians get elected in the mid term elections.


I am speechless. Ryan is truly a piece of trash. He is a corrupted vicarious catamite of his puppet masters; I say vicarious because we are the ones subjected to anal intercourse- without lubrication; no santorum there.


yes, very true...sadly we are taught to react instead of how to be proactive, seems this is something self-taught today...thou shall not think, you are but to react