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Challenged Over Racist Remarks, Maine Governor Leaves Unhinged Voicemail


Challenged Over Racist Remarks, Maine Governor Leaves Unhinged Voicemail

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Maine's Donald Trump-supporting, race-baiting, Republican Governor Paul LePage has gotten into hot water—again—after leaving a state lawmaker an expletive-laced and threatening voicemail on Thursday.


How did this guy get re-elected?


Exacty. Lets have Common Dreams explain that, are they not in Maine, also.


Paul LePage the court jester and Trump the village idiot.
What a pair of fools.


An unhinged e-mail from an unhinged ignoramus who became governor of Maine with a mere 36% of the vote total as there was a three-way race, which does not bode well for the current presidential election. LePage is and always has been the quintessential T-Bag candidate backed and pushed into office by the Koch Bros. What is also disconcerting is the fact that even 36% of the eligible voters marked LePage's box...were they delusional or just ignorant/unaware of how unsuited he is/was for ANY public office?


Drug dealers are black and hispanic? Well, they should be easy to spot in Maine. If I wanted to sell lots of drugs there I would send White drug dealers who would blend in....

And that last paragraph says a whole lot about Trumplethinskin. Two racist idiots in a pod.


Oh no you don't! Don't try to unload the slime ball on us. We've already been cursed with the likes of Rick Perry for an eternity, who by the way I didn't think it possible for Texans to elect a governor who is worse until Greg Abbott was elected. This LaPage dude is the bottom of the republican barrel though. He's a lowlife even for a republican. And to think, the people in Maine elected him twice??? It would appear that the republican strategy of cutting funding for education is finally starting to hit pay off for the conservatives.


OK you got Perry

But you also got ZZTop !!!


People wonder why 36% of Maine voted for this guy twice. They had 8 years of a democrat and 8 years of an independent. Lost the paper industry to cheap off shore labor. While Maine had the best hand sewn shoes in the world they lost that to off shore. Maine used to have a huge fishing industry. Not since factory ships from across the world were allowed to empty the Grand Banks, at one time the greatest fishing industry in the world. Pollution closes each year more and more clam flats. Fixed prices for milk have killed the dairy industry.

When all else fails and your life is reduced to the weekly EBT card why not vote for the complete asshole. What harm can there be as Maine is already dead in the water.

While all you folks who comment about Maine bad choices might want to look at the fact that we are about to get as president one of two very evil people so maybe unless you vote for Stein we will be wondering "Why did the American people vote for X for president." If the shoe fits?


LePage was more then just a bad choice.
The Maine-iacs have completely lost their minds.


Hi rolson, And Johnny, and Edgar Winter...


Yeah, why is this guy still around? It's 10 strikes and you're out in Maine? More like 100 for LePage!

If he threatens to hold his breath until he turns blue, let him!


The fact that this sociopath has been elected twice is as scary as anything on that voicemail, don't you think?


Thanks for sharing.


LePage on Wednesday said that "90 percent of drug dealers coming into Maine are black or Hispanic."

Even if this was/is the case, the underlying cause is being ignored. The underlying cause cannot be identified and addressed until a very simple question becomes the "standard" for developing successful strategies for dealing with society's ills.

Why? Why is this the situation? Why are so many (on a percentage basis of total population) blacks and Latinos involved in illegal activities? Why do so many blacks and Latinos risk their lives in these illegal activities? Why?

This single word question needs to be asked for the first several layers of bullshit answers (propaganda and rhetoric) that will automatically be regurgitated from those in authority who have no intention on acknowledging the truth about the underlying causes that produces society's cancerous behavior and illegal activities.

Those in power (the elite ruling class and their state enforcers) need to be publicly castigated for causing society's terminal ills through their greed, austerity and systemic racism.

If I'm a black or Latino young man or woman with a multi-generational family under my responsibility to feed, clothe, house and provide medical care; you can bet I will do whatever it takes - regardless of legality - to meet my responsibilities. Why? Because my life under your (the elite ruling class and the state) greed, austerity and systemic racism severely inhibits (and in many cases prohibits) my ability to meet my responsibilities by legal means.


Let's add a few more Texas greats, including, Lyle Lovett, Nancy Griffith, George Strait, David Lee Garza, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and the one and only Robert Earl Keen, Jr.!


In many parts of this country there is that solid bloc of moderately extreme vocal angry right wingers who stand as a 30 to 35% voting machine. So in a three way race the Governor got elected and reelected. The problem with the last election was the democratic candidate coming out of closet just before the election combined with an arrogant 3rd party candidate who would not throw his support behind the democratic candidate who had a good platform. And there is not enough votes in congress to impeach. And that is where it stands. LePig gets reelected with a less than majority vote. A disgrace. Combined with fact that Maine has no run off process between the two candidates who lead in votes but not with a majority.


I can tell you how, three were running and a highly contentious bear bating issues was on the ballot which bought out every toothless wonder from Bangor to Fort Kent. We wouldn't want those brave hunters to no use donuts to lure bears now would we. That and the fact that the D running was openly gay.


There's the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn too. Molly Ivins and Jim Hightower deserve a mention as well. I say keep Austin and let the rest of the state secede!


Idiocy and slavery to ideology runs deep in the United States. Remember that Sam Brownback basically bankrupted Kansas with his "austerity" bullshit and they re-elected him as well. Unbelievable.