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Challenging 2020 Hype, Analysis of Beto's Voting Record Shows Texas Dem Often Sided With Trump and GOP


Challenging 2020 Hype, Analysis of Beto's Voting Record Shows Texas Dem Often Sided With Trump and GOP

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After brushing aside the frenzied 2020 presidential hype and closely scrutinizing the public voting record of outgoing Rep.


I’m reminded of Jack Nicholson’s big scene from “A Few Good Men:”

“You can’t handle the truth!”

Right on, David Sirota, and don’t let the Dbots wear you down.


So who put this guy forward – who was pushing him –
thought he had been vouched for ???


Thanks for telling the truth about Beto’s voting record, Mr. Sirota. Goes with what the New York Times reported just before the 2018 election: when push came to shove, the guy sided with the developers over the people of El Paso.


Well he learned from Obama, moderate Republican running as a Dem, This time Texas didn’t buy it.


Thank you, CD. You showed your true colors when you endorsed Bernie instead of HC in 2016. There is no turning back now. No deal, no compromise. No more establishment Democrats, it’s full steam ahead, progressive or bust.


You could argue that O’Rourke’s oil votes were done to prevent his seat from going to a republican. I hope Sirota showered with bricks today.


538 has a running project showing the percentage of time every person in Congress votes with the Trump position on issues. It is at

and lists every vote that enters the tally. There you will see that Representative O’Rourke votes with Trump 29.7% of the time. He represents a pretty liberal district in the El Paso area for which you would otherwise predict a 17.7% agreement score. However if you look at the whole state of Texas, the predicted agreement score would be 70.8%. Thus, he is actually voting a good deal more conservatively than his district but more liberal than the state as a whole - kind of a sign of someone who has statewide ambitions I suppose.


You could argue that, or you could stick to reality: O’Rourke’s district is D +17, one of the most solidly Democratic districts in the country. But then you’d have to admit that O’Rourke is a corporate tool…


Great information. He wanted to run for Senator and almost won—in Texas. On one of the 538 podcasts, they were discussing that he quite possibly pulled a few congressional districts over the line.


He was a real estate dealer himself.


It’s a bit premature to be thanking CD and all the of he other "progressives’ who turned on Beto after he lost. They were quite willing to get on the Beto Bandwagon and to uncritically pass on his Tweets while his public record was the for all to see well before the election.


So you thick that Cruz was the better choice?
That is the problem with the lesser of two evils.
Both are evil.
But Ted Cruz is more evil than “Barack” O’Rourke.


Bad News For Beto.


People should have an understand who Beto is and what his positions are and then decide for themselves if he is worth considering for Prez if he runs. That should be the way it is for all of the candidates.

It’s a mistake to support someone on the basis of misconceptions. That goes for Beto, just like any other candidate.


I supported Beto over Cruz, but I would have supported a pig over Cruz. For President, hell no. He said himself he wasn’t sure if he was a progressive when asked, let me answer that for you Beto, not even close.


Sounds like O’Rourke is the perfect choice for the Dinos who run the DNC who will use him as an alternative to Bernie Sanders and his “socialism” which they are deathly afraid of because it will cause their rich donor base to question their fealty.
We’ve also heard that several of the “progressives” who were just elected are cosying up to Pelosi in her drive to be Speaker again and beginning to back track on their campaign rhetoric. I mentioned this possibility last month when a lot of people were ballyhooing the so-called “Blue Wave”. My comment was that Washington, DeCeit doesn’t really change. It just changes its Public Relations firms. The “Blue Wave” is looking more and more like a “Blue Mist” especially with that shameless shill for Israel and the oligarchs becoming Senate Minority leader - Chuckie Schumer.
Don’t kid yourselves - that big push back in the Oval against the Orange Pustule was as much about posturing for the Speaker’s chair as it was about any genuine opposition. Just ask yourselves - how many other opportunities has Pelosi passed on when she could have
demonstrated and worked against the loathsome political machinations of the Rethuglicans?
I have another question about the very long-term political career of Pelosi. How does a dedicated public servant whose political work should be a full-time job manage to acquire a personal fortune in the neighborhood of $200 million while in office? Neat trick.


You could argue that but if he is going to vote as a republican, it might as well be a republic seat. That would at least be more honest.


Sounds like Beto would be a fine addition to any Corporatist party. It does seem odd that losing to the likes of Ted Cruz could result in presidential buzz, but then Democrat recent history is to seek out a loser to protect their donors interests.


Reporting voting records for all senators and representatives should be a standard feature on ALL nightly news programs. Everytime there is a vote CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, NPR and all the rest should be discussing the subject voted on, list who voted which way, and why. How hard could that be for “investigative reporters”?? Or at the very least post it on a web page.