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Challenging Cuomo From Left, Cynthia Nixon Gets Big Applause for Going Huge on Climate


Challenging Cuomo From Left, Cynthia Nixon Gets Big Applause for Going Huge on Climate

Jon Queally, staff writer

Challenging Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from the left, Cynthia Nixon received a ringing endorsement from one of the nation's most respected climate action groups on Friday just after she unveiled a far-reaching plan to make sure the state is doing everying possible to transition off fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable and just energy future.


Yeahhhh, she is saying what i like to hear for sure but how much longer before she is bought too?


It’s about time native New Yawker B. Sanders gets behind her campaign, especially in upstate New Yawk which is generally reactionary in terms of the (s)electoral process.


Notice that Nixon’s campaign color is yellow, rather than the usual blue or red-white-and-blue. Yellow usually connotes cowardice, but this time it belongs to a candidate who is a profile in courage. I mean, putting environmental sustainability as the spear tip of a gubernatorial political campaign in the U.S. is truly courageous.

In most “Western Democracies” she would be out there as a Green, but the Greens must build their organizational capacity to attract candidates of Nixon’s name recognition and (so far), progressive politics.

We’ll see what happens if she gets on the NY Zionists’ shitlist for some reason. That has taken down a whole lot of progressive candidates.

PS: I just saw some good news. Alan Dershowitz is calling Nixon an “anti-semite.” Anyone who is on the wrong side of Dershowitz has alot going for them.

Sorry about not being able to downsize the photo. BDS!


In the standard international political color scheme, yellow is the color of economic liberalism/capitalist libertarianism.


Allan Dershowitz is a has been. No one under the age of 40 thinks he counts for much besides his being Allan Dershowitz; ya’ know, being a rabid Zionist apologist. We should, as Nixon must understand, welcome the scorn of such Ivy League elite sellouts. They’re elitist snobs, they reek of it, actually.
Plus, Mr. Dershowitz has some dark stains on his resume, whether or not he’s been able to sue to silence his critics and the law, or not.
Go Cynthia.



Have the High School leaders helped others show more courage?

The New Climate Regime is only the biggest threat to humans in history and maybe now there will be a worthy response.

Great to see it.

Since she has already pushed Como to the left, maybe he will even move more

And the more he moves, the clearer who he has been all along…

And maybe she will win…


The Zionists in the Dem Party take Dershowitz very seriously and they carry alot of weight. So I wouldn’t dismiss him and I also think Nixon’s BDS stance was and is courageous because of the power of Zionism in the Party, especially in New York.


Go Cynthia! Take it all the way to Albany!


But I see it as the color of Daffodils and Jonquils, denoting Springtime and renewal of Life! I just wish she were in my state, so that I could have the privilege of voting for her!


Oh my. I saw her on Colbert’s show, answering questions expertly, and already sounding like a seasoned politician. She made a really good point that New York needs to catch up to the progressive politics of western states like California, Oregon and Washington. That will NOT happen as long as that sellout Cuomo remains governor.
If I lived in that state I’d vote for her in a New York minute. Go, Cynthia, go!


Ive been saying for a few months now that the easiest way to win this election is to question Cuomo on natural gas. All Nixon has to do to win is ask him if natural gas is going to be used to replace Indian Point, and use CPV, Cricket Valley and Bayonne Energy Center as evidence to prove her point. That’s all she need to do to prove Cuomo’s hypocrisy. All she need to needed to do… but no she had to go all unrealistic super supreme environmentalist on everyone!

I mean WTF are you talking about in this proclamation…

“Our current Governor committed to 50% renewables by 2030 – but only for electricity, not carbon emissions coming from major sources like transportation and buildings. New York still missed the 2015 target of 29% hitting only 21%.”

  • you think the rate is too slow? WTF. What evidence do you have that you can quadruple the rate of production?
  • New York hasn’t hit its carbon emission goals, but you think with more promotion towards solar and wind means you have greater likelihood? Why not support oh I don’t know the largest sources of Carbon-free energy aka nuclear and hydro.

“The bill mandates in law that New York fully transition to clean energy by 2050 by tasking state agencies with creating plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not just in our power plants, but in our cars and buildings too.”

  • You do realize that reducing CO2 in buildings requires you to use more expensive materials, which in turn increase the cost of rent and mortgages in New York. Are you seriously running on plan that would increase rent in one of the most expensive rated states in the USA? WTF are you thinking…

“His plan still won’t fully halt all new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

  • And you know why he hasn’t done this, because 50% of your state’s electricity comes from natural gas. Additionally you have 3 years to replace 15,200 GWh of nuclear energy, which is more than all solar and wind on the grid right now. If you canceled the construction of pipelines then natural gas from other states could not be used to replace nuclear by the time it decommissions.

“We must immediately end investment in any new fossil fuel plants and pipelines and refocus efforts and funding toward renewable energy.”

  • So the question becomes how you are you going to replace Indian Point in three years without natural gas.


I would honestly love Nixon to win only to watch in happiness as the entire state crumbles around her and 2.4 million New Yorkers lose electricity.

Here’s your problem Nixon- In 2020 and 2021 Indian Point Energy Center is scheduled to decommission its two reactors whose generation in 2017 measured 15,200 GWh and whose capacity is 2060 MW. Now currently there’s is a plan in place to replace 1000 MW of capacity through the Champlain Hudson Power Express, which is a High Voltage Direct Current transmission line that runs from Quebec Canada to New York City. This project is scheduled to be completed in 2021 and cost $2.2 billion. Unfortunately that makes up 50% of capacity and only about 45% of generation, so where do you get the remaining power?

  • Under Cuomo he has pledged for energy efficiency which could make up 750 MW, but this project isn’t projected to be completed until 2030 or 9 years after the decommission.
  • Cuomo has also said that he wants to expand offshore wind, but this project hasn’t even started bids and its earliest projections to be completed are in 2035 or 14 years after the decommission.
  • The third plan less spoken by Cuomo is to use natural gas from three plants in Wayawanda New York, Dover New York and Bayonne New Jersey to make up for the loss in generation.

However, it is clear that Nixon does not support natural gas and does not support nuclear.

"Nuclear energy was an experiment that failed and is neither clean nor renewable. New York used to be the center of innovation. We can leave nuclear energy in the past as part of our full transition to a 100% clean, renewable energy economy. "

Ok, Ms. Nixon WTF is your plan to replace Indian Point in three years?!


It is not possible to power an industrial civilization with non-dispatchable power. Here’s what actually happens when you add non-dispatchable power:

We show that a 1% percent increase in the share of fast-reacting fossil generation capacity is associated with a 0.88% percent increase in renewable in the long run. ( http://www.nber.org/papers/w22454?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw )
Yep, you read that correctly, if you install 88 watts of renewables, you’ve also got to install 100 watts of fast dispatch fossil fuels to take over when the wind dies or the sun sets. You have to have a bit more dispatchable than the renewables you’re backing up to allow for maintenance.

This goes into a lot more detail http://www.roadmaptonowhere.com


Ha ha ha!! With a name like Nixon and an opponent named Cuomo the prospects are she gets a nice book out of the whole affair and the attendant publicity that its promotion will bring. Not even for an actress, not even for someone who is a lesbian by choice, not even in New York will she be anything more than a very minor footnote in political history. Another Donna Quixote bites the dust.


He doesn’t call her anti-Semite, he called her anti-Israel, there’s a difference.
I’d be happy to be called anti-Israel, because I am, but I’m not against Jewish people.
I agree with you’re last statement.


Sorry, but the people of New York are simply not going to take a Hollywood-celebrity candidate who has zero experience in an organization - not so much as a shop steward in a union (like, say, Randy Brice in Wisconsin - or going back a bit - Reagan in California) - as a viable candidate for Governor.


In the U.S./UK/ Euro context, anti-Israel or anti Zionist = ant-semite. There is absolutely ZERO doubt about this when dealing with a pig like Dershowitz. His foul record is easy enough to follow if you can handle the stench of the offal that comes from him. Just sayin’.


As an Upstater, I think Cynthia Nixon might have some appeal in this rural areas if only because of the high handed way Cuomo has governed. However, that highhandedness is what gave us one of the nation’s toughest gun laws after Newtown as well as a definitive blocking of fracking. He also used administrative fiat to deny licenses to many repeat drunk drivers.Of course, many of my neighbors don’t like that nor do they go for his gun law. But even many progressives don’t warm up to Cuomo either, despite his stand on the issues. Even so, I see him as an effective leader when it comes to many of the labor and liberal issues that count, and brutal when he has to be. Nixon sounds good but good intentions count for little when it comes to managing the dinosaurs who dominate our state legislature.



The big upstate votes are in Buffalo, Rochester Syracuse, Albany, Utica, etc. While the real rural areas are a vital and vibrant part of NY, in the scheme of raw numbers they don’t carry alot of weight. But like the vast majority of the U.S. - a generally right-wing political mentality rules rural areas - if progressives would get their keisters out into urban areas “upstate or downstate,” they could rule.

And actual rural (non-corporate farm folk) have a hell of alot to add to a progressive agenda and should never be dismissed. Think the Non-Partisan populist movements.

And of course, any dismissed people turn into fodder for fascist elites. Just ask Hitler and that gang.

Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA