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Challenging 'Impulse to Destroy,' EU's Top Diplomat Vows to Stand With Iran Against Trump's Attack on Nuclear Deal

Challenging 'Impulse to Destroy,' EU's Top Diplomat Vows to Stand With Iran Against Trump's Attack on Nuclear Deal

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As Iranians take to the streets to protest President Donald Trump—who ditched the Iran nuclear deal this week despite warnings that it could lead to "a potentially catastrophic military confrontation"—in a speech on Friday, Europe's top diplomat vowed to work with the international community to save the agreement and railed against Trump's


Notice to the rest of the world: stand up to US as defined by the Donald Trump administration and say SCREW YOU!


Note to the nations of the world : Trump needs a beat down.

Sanctions would be a good start.


And that North Korean buggy board that Mr. Donald is riding is also simply an invitation to join the new world Only need for Thirty seconds of reflection to understand that it is a kabuki choreographed by Russia, Musical score provided by China. They simply can’t wait to have the Democracies of the world destroyed. It makes it that much easier for them to forge empires. The cowardice of Congress and the destruction of the press, as well as an infusion of a brainless judicial, makes it easy.


I believe this is were that Civilized portion of the World Community should

Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Mr Trump & Assoc


Nobody should have expected the EU to meet Trump’s America First policy with open arms. Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, thumbing his nose at international cooperation and now he has pulled out of the Iranian nuclear agreement telling the world the US is going its own way. The State Department is a wreck with a mass exodus leaving the department short-handed on skilled negotiators. Ambassadorships are vacant. Foreign policy is being turned over to the military and super war monger civilians like John Bolton. The main counter to this should be Congress but the Republicans control both houses and are going along with the human wrecking ball who occupies the White House. Hopefully the EU can keep things together as the days when the EU could count on the US are over, at least for now.


B-b-b-but she works for the evil neoliberal EU!


B-b-b-but neoliberalism or neoconservatism is the new, or not so new, ideology of the nowadays world. The big economies, US, China and Europe have adopted it to create more and more profit, getting rid of all market and fiscal regulations. Beautiful new world for the “elites”. Nightmare for the working class.

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Sorry, lerenarde, I was reflecting far longer than 30 seconds, but didn’t get the meaning of your comment. Would you please elaborate for me.

Hey - maybe this is a blessing in disguise. If more nations move away from the sphere of influence of the US, the empire will fade away. No more invasions, bombings, toppling governments who don’t bend to our will.

One can dream, can’t they?


Everybody knows — The US emperor he’s got no clothes.

He rides in his own parade as naked as a jay.

See him old and wrinkled gray - white fat belly and sagging thighs

Hear him utter senile threats and lies

He can’t even talk like an ordinary man

mumbles when he pays his bribes

Everybody knows; the emperor’s got no clothes

He’s in debt up to nose and the bosses tell him what to do

That’s why he wants what belongs to me and you

Everybody knows — The US emperor he’s got no clothes.


I have had the gut feeling for a while now that sooner or later, the world leaders from the other Western countries were going to jump all over Trump for his slob arrogant attitude toward other nations. This all started with Trump going to Europe for the meeting of world leaders to discuss global warming and Trump not showing up at the meeting. He then took a vacation in the UK, with much publicity of his criticism of their government. And what we are seeing now is the one and the same Trump ARROGANCE to reject diplomacy. He has his own arrogant way of doing things with no effort to collaborate with other Western nations.

My prediction is if Trump proceeds to unilaterally decide on a war against Iran, the other nations will refuse to work with Trump ever again. America will be essentially an isolationist country due to international censure. Which should be a wake up call for Americans to give Trump a “landslide” defeat in 2020 in his bid for re election to a second term in office. Trump is absolutely horrific and desperately needs a landslide defeat as a loud and clear message to Republicans that America will not elect a crazy right wing Republican to the White House ever again. Hopefully this will result in the opposite of the 2016 election when we had the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. We need a huge voter turn out for a landslide defeat of the Trumpenstein monster and his horrific cabinet.


I totally agree. In western culture female nature has been suppressed by male dominated patriarchal definitions that it barely exists in its true form. It is a female planet as well. you can easily see the domination there of natural eco-systems .


If they preserve the agreement with the remaining signatories, that will mean maintaining the trade provisions and bypassing the U.S. sanctions. In such a scenario, Iran would remain free to sell their oil to nations other than the U.S., which raises the interesting question. In what currency (ies) would such sales take place?

If the U.S. can unilaterally walk away from its international commitments, maybe it’s time the rest of the world revisited that whole petrodollar monopoly arrangement, especially now that the U.S. has a hollowed-out diplomatic core and little remaining negotiation credibility. If they worked together, I bet they could hammer out a new deal among themselves–one which is much more favorable to their own currencies and economies. They are going to have to deal with this question where Iran is concerned, and as soon as they set up an alternative bourse for Iran, others are going to want to get in on it, so it’s already an attached issue. If they don’t want to keep themselves indefinitely bound to the petrodollar monopoly, this looks like an opportune moment to do something about that.

It might also provide an object lesson about the hazards of blowing up international agreements.

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As time goes on, I have stopped fantasizing what I’d do to old Orange Butt, and just wish he’d drop dead. Well, I’ve stopped most fantasizing – I wish somebody would shoot both his hands off – when he gestures on TV, my hackles rise, maybe shoot him in each elbow. I can’t believe he’s rolled back the protections for transgender people in prison. He and his administration get more evil as time goes by, including Kelly Sadler.

Don’t think that there isn’t planning going on behind the scenes. There are two main problems that allow the US to thumb its nose at the rest of the world:
The petro-dollar that requires all petroleum sales to be denominated in dollars
The lack of a central governing authority to oversee whatever “currency” might be used to replace the petro-dollar.
Once those problems are solved in Europe as they are attempting to be solved by the Shanghai Cooperative for Asia, then the rest of the world can thumb its nose back at the US and watch as its worthless currency prevents it from buying much of anything (hint: all economies and especially their military depend on the capacity to exchange their currency for goods and services).

With each arrogant snub and provocative put-down, the current US government is promoting the demise of itself and all of its citizens.

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I love how neoliberalism and neoconservativism are the same things now. Maybe the new Putin-centered Leftism should be called neoprogressivism!

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