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Challenging the Power of the One Percent


Challenging the Power of the One Percent

Lydia Alpízar Durán

When you are faced with the task of moving an object but find it is too heavy to lift, what is your immediate and most natural response? You ask someone to help you lift it. And it makes all the difference.

And so in the face of unprecedented economic, ecological and human rights crises, we should not hunker down in our silos, but rather join together and use our collective power to overcome the challenges.


Regarding homeland security and that one percent and for some added perspective.

Oftimes a question raised as to whether the US Military would follow orders if it involved shooting dead fellow Americans,

Since the year 1900 52 people have been killed at the hands of the Police in the United Kingdom. (This exclusive of bloody sunday and such incidents in North Ireland during the troubles where the killings were done by paramilitary forces. Even were those added it would not change the point being made here)

52 people is is less then .5 a person each and every year and if one adjust for population size it would be about 2.5 people per year on Average.

in March of this year ALONE 111 people living in the United States of America were killed at the hands of the police. This translates to some 1300+ for a year. People living in the USA are 500+ times more likely to be killed by the police then those living in the UK and no this can not be because of “ethnic differences”.

There something seriously wrong with law enforcement in the USA. If I was 500 times more likely to be murdered in one neighborhood than another I would think seriously about moving. I would also be rather leery about the notion that “US soldiers would not fire on their fellow citizens” because those cops seem EAGER to do so.


Yeah, sorta like MLK filled his followers head with religious nonsense as he led them on march after march …

Mythology, over the millenia, since the beginning of our species, has been based on a profound understanding of the human psyche at its core - do not confuse the value of the mythology with the misuse that men have put it to …


The US Social Forum will take place this year from June 24 - 28. It is a convening space for organizers on the front lines of struggle to come together, form shared demands around central issues and action strategies to establish economic, environmental, and social justice. By using the Peoples Movement Assembly process, rather than a winner takes all model, consensus is built. It is a polycentric event. The main sites are San Jose, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Satellite locations include Houston, Atlanta, and Jackson, Mississippi. Plenaries and key presentations will be live-streamed. This is where the people’s power and solidarity to challenge the one percent is being built. See: ussocialforum.net


I agree - I love Campbell as well …

The point I was trying to make is that religion is a powerful force in many folks lives - for good as well as ill, it has the capacity to motivate folks in ways little else, except perhaps war, does - it reaches deep into peoples’ psyches - so ISTM the trick is not to denigrate or dismiss it completely but to harness it, as MLK did for good causes …


If you had a CLUE to patriarchy’s system of power and control you would realize that in patriarchal Christian (and Jewish, as well as Islamic) families, the mothers follow the fathers’ orders. Therefore, if the family patriarch pushes a religious ideology, the wife/mother–given her 2nd class status generally abides by it.

The suggestion that it’s women who fill the kids’ heads with religious nonsense suggests women who do so out of independent sovereignty. That is clearly NOT the case in households where religious rules dominate.


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