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Challenging War and Austerity, Corbyn Sails to Victory in UK



I just hope this isn't the U.k.s Obama


People watched the banking crisis and trillions in bail outs using taxpayer monies and just maybe when those banking interests demand austerity... they should have demanded it before they were bailed out.

Just maybe people remember and reject the concept that >>>

Austerity works in only one direction


I hope this is a harbinger of a new Zeitgeist, the turning of this upside down world right side up.


As much as I welcome the Corbyn victory, alas I fear the British establishment will unleash torrents of dirty tricks to destabilise and split the labour party. They should never be underestimated. The new battle of Britain has only just begun.


Mr. Corbyn is the best thing to happen in British politics in a long time, Jeremy Corbyn is the real deal. He is the antidote to the miasma of Tony Blair.


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This is a very good sign that Bernie Sanders could do the same here. We need these people all over the world to counter the damage that has been done from failed austerity policies.


As Thatcher took power in the UK, followed by Reagan in the USA, cementing the rise of the Randian right to overturn social welfare and the "New Deal" as the Depression and WWII receded into the past...

So now perhaps Corbyn's revitalized Labour can take power in the UK, followed by Sanders in the USA, cementing the rise of... OK not a perfect analogy. But still!


Jonny! I can scarcely believe me tired eyes! Right you are. I hope that Bernie can effectively draw parallels between Jeremy's victory and his pres. candidacy.

Congratulations from a Londoner, long in California.


Only one pint?


This is really GREAT news for Britain and Europe also- Maybe he can somehow help out the Greeks and turn the tide of austerity for his own- Just maybe he can influence Canada to diss Obama and his secretive "Free Trade" Agreements- And just maybe he can get that War Criminal Blair behind bars- The moral arc of the universe may finally be bending for us all...


Well you know it makes more sense for the wealthy to adopt a policy of austerity, shed some of that fat so that the average families and the poor could crawl out of prolonged misery brought upon them by the richest few.


I've every confidence in the ability of the Anglo-American elites to deal with Comrade Corbyn. Adjustment of the voting machines is only one of a vast number of possibilities. Perhaps full independence for Scotland, so those voters cannot participate in the elections for Westminster. Perhaps the lone crazed gunman. All else failing a capital strike, followed by a military coup to restore "democracy" and "order".
And be sure that my country, the USA will never tolerate Mr Corbyn sending Lord Blair of Basra to the Hague, still less attacking the international financial cartel or the empire in any way.


Um? Do you expect this sudden concern for the little people to manifest itself anytime soon? I mean I think there are a few guys (mummified of course) who were entombed while carrying papyrus signs upon which were written in Hieroglyphics >>> 'Pharaoh Be Fair' and the splinter group of militants with the catchy slogan - "Peasants United for a Comprehensive Reevaluation of the Socioeconomic Factors That Separate Pharaoh From the Starving Downtrodden and Trod Upon!".

I mean people are still waiting for the super rich to care about the super poor. They have been waiting a very long time for that to happen.


Hope feels good.


I think the Senator Sanders must explain where he stands on the Palestine and Israeli issues. I haven't read much about this in any articles about the senator.


Do you have a more perfect, but realistic candidate in mind?



Hey-he just got elected to lead the Labour Party. Might be a good plan to wait until he wins a general election before trashing him.


Up there in the Great Parliament in the Sky today my hero Tony Benn will be wearing a great big smile!
Go Corbyn! Go Sanders! Turn the tide!